Austrian Shade

My favorite window treatment 2nd to floor length draperies, is by far the Austrian Valance and Austrian Shade.   They are dramatic yet very feminine.   A soft drape,  flowing appeal but holds it’s structure. I love them especially in sheer fabrics allowing the daylight to filter thru.   

Years ago I made  Sheer Austrian Valances for our kitchen bow curved windows.  Each of the four windows were 30″wide.  I made each valance for  inside board mounting.   After moving into a new home, they did not fit any of the windows.  I decided to hang them all together as one window treatment in my office studio.AustrianValance3AustrianValance2 AustrianValance1AustrianValanceinstall

My window measured 52″W x 60″L .   I disassembled the board mount and made each valance into rod pockets.  Hung two valances at the top of the window on a decorative rod and installed another rod above the shortest point of the top valance. (Much like you would for café curtains). Now it does not appear has four separate valances.  To complete the window treatment the side panels hang on the wall to make the window appear even wider. Later I will add a 3″ trim band to the side panels for more drama. (soon to come).  So never throw your old window treatments away especially if you love them, just reinvent them.  AustrianValance4

See the latest in Sheer Voile Fabric at   Also check out  and search Austrian Shade for more photos.  Search Google for the many tutorials available for Austrian shades.




6 thoughts on “Austrian Shade

  1. Hi Linda,
    These are so beautiful and I admire your skill and artistry. I love the way the light comes through them. This style must be the most expensive category for custom drapery. I have 10 foot wide arched windows and the drapes have to be custom-made or handmade to fit the arch unless I cover the arch…so I’m covering the arch and hiding a pretty detail. I appreciate that you tell your readers where the fabric can be purchased. Looking forward to being one of your readers from now on.

  2. Thanks Ginene!! Your arched windows sounds beautiful! … To cover them must be a hard decision. The industry makes arched hardware, but I know they are a little on the pricey side. If I come across anything that may be of help I will surely let you know.

  3. I love how you layered these treatments…beautiful. I once made a huge working Austrian shade for a customer moving to Vienna. The 120″ x 120″ (yes, I said it was huge) treatment was so much fabric to manage when sewing, not to mention crating for shipment to Vienna. THAT was something I will never forget (and hope I never have to do again!) – ha.

  4. Oh my…what a lot of fabric!! But I know it was beautiful. Perfect place for Austrian treatments. Ya know I had two shoulder injuries from lifting heavy draperies and installing them, so I know. Love your roman shades!! Thank you for your comments, I appreciate that! Have a wonderful, safe, warm week-end. Ttyl

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