Fall Harvest Table Runner

I love table runners because they are easy to change as often as you wish giving a fresh new look to your table.  By using designer fabric remnants, which are inexpensive it allows me to change my table runners quite often.   It does not bother me that it may not coordinate with the overall décor of the home because the focus is the table for that moment.  For this runner, I wanted to use the remnants I found in the soft neutrals, creams and soft golden honey colors for Fall.

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FallHarvesttablerunner01   00B FallHarvest

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My budget challenge: $20.00.

  1. My inspiration was this remnant upholstery fabric, which was only $5.69.  Regular price: $18.00 per yard  which has the same fern/leaf design as the pumpkin.
  2. For the contrast ends a 1/2 yard for $4.49 the fabric used called Java by Stan Cathell for Magnolia Home Fashions. Regular price $8.98 a yard.
  3. I made the pattern.  I only lined the ends. The oblong center was trimmed with 1″ of the contrast fabric
  4. Purchased 1-3/8yds of burlap fringe and  honey yellow gimp braid.  The left over burlap trim was used to make the spiral buttons and tassel  (beads already had).   With a higher budget,  I would have purchased a coordinating burlap braided cord w/lip  to outline the contrast ends.  The burlap flowers I had, and popped them on for an added touch.
  5. Tablerunner measures 76″L by 20″W.  The contrast ends are 13″L by 20″W
  6. Total price $18.19.  Left over money…French fries!  Total time to make 1hr 15min.  Mama was happy. 🙂

01 FallHarvestBuffet1

I did not want to do a buffet runner so I used a burlap ribbon I had and tied bows at the end.  🙂

True, I could have purchased a fall runner at Pier One Imports for $30.00+ but sewing and creating your own is so much more fun.  Another tip, take an inexpensive plain store purchased runner and add  beautiful fabrics and trims to the side and ends creating your own personal design.   Runners are great accents for  sideboards, buffets, credenzas, chest, over doors, wider runners can also be used as bed scarfs; anywhere there is a flat surface you can put a runner.  Create a high end designer look with a low end cost.  Until next post…….Sew, design and enjoy loving your home.   Happy Fall Y’all 🙂

00C FallHarvestcenterpiece

Check out Fabric.com for more fabric selections and Houzz.com for creative ideas.1356FHFeature


(2016 Note: In 2016 Fall Harvest Table Runner has been donated to GoodWill)





10 thoughts on “Fall Harvest Table Runner

  1. Wow, when you do something you do it to perfection and I love that. This runner is so beautiful. I should make runners when I am selling a vintage or antique dining room table in my shop because adding color and design could compliment (or contrast) with whatever I am displaying on the top of the table. A runner would still allow the top of the table to be seen by customers. There would be no comparison to what you’ve used and made here with a Pier One runner. You are using high-end beautifully made fabrics vs. fabric with a printed design. I’ve never seen a scalloped design like that anywhere before. And that pumpkin! Oh, that is my favorite all-time pumpkin. It looks like it could turn into Cinderella’s coach at any moment.

  2. Thanks Ginene, I wish it would turn into Cinderella’s coach. Maybe if I wish long enough. LOL 🙂 Yes, do make some table runners that would be so beautiful on vintage tables. Delicate lace on beautiful linen, oh my I can see it now. Or crocheted. If I ever run across anything I think you may like I will surely let you know. Glad you enjoyed.

  3. Your designs just keep getting better and better..YOU MADE the pattern??– Good lord you are extremely talented! That runner has top $$ design style all over it. I’m just patiently waiting for the day I walk in the stores and find the LindaG design section. You definitely deserve to be there. Just keep up posted when you drop the news!! I’m #1Fan of your designs.

  4. Get OUT of here!!!!! Really?!??!?!?! You MADE this?!??!??!! Oh, girl…you need to get one of those Etsy shops going!!! This is…fabulous! This is something I would buy! The contrasting fabrics, the shape, the embellishment, the fringe…I love it all!!! You really should be 1000% proud of yourself at this moment! You did an EXCEPTIONAL job!!! I sure wish I could sew!

  5. Thanks Jamala! I’m your #fan too. But don’t wait my friend. :-)… I love giving others the know how and DIY, sharing and showing. But maybe, just maybe I’m contemplating a collection of trims and tassels. We’ll see. 🙂

  6. Thanks Terry! I love your blog as well! Your eye for seeing the beauty in furniture and to be able to transform them into beautiful pieces is something I long to do. I’m definitely a fan!! 🙂 Thanks again.

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