Adding Curtain Appeal – DIY Band trim on curtains

Your old, fatigued curtains need a pick-me-up on a budget?  Color blocking and banding can give solid color curtains that needed facelift.  This is a great solution.  All you need to do is cut and sew a straight line, and the hard part is done.

I wanted side panels on my studio/office window, nonfunctioning to finish out the Austrian valances.  Nothing fancy, something quick, easy and easier on the budget.  I wanted to do a simple black and white color block and banding on white panels that I purchased awhile back.

My inspiration was this black and white remnant I purchased for $5.00.


Started out with one panel (50×85) from a pair of JCPenney’s Supreme Antique Satin White drapes.   I usually never purchase curtains unless the sale price is “much” lower than what I can make them for.   I knew I could add my personal touch to them one day.   First, I determined how I wanted to do the color blocking and banding.   Only using one panel, I cut off the pinch pleats, and took out the lining and hems. Then steam pressed the fabric, and cut it in half length wise so I would have 2 panels each 45″wide.

IMG_1457 IMG_1458

Did my calculations and realized, using the remnant fabric I could make 100″ floor length panels at 45″ wide. Great!

Time to get busy:  This is my quick and easy method.  By no means is this the professional custom way I was taught. But since I was using remnants and old panels this satisfies my budget and the need for a little change for now.  The end result: (see tutorials below)




BBC08   BBC06

Overall,  I’m content.  Spent a total of $22.00 on fabric and trims and $28 on curtain rods.  So before you drop $$$ on new window treatments, Pull out the old ones then check out a few fabric remnants and trimmings and add a little appeal on a budget .  🙂    (oh sorry for the grainy picture quality)

Until next post…Sew, create and enjoy loving your home.  Red Orchid

The tutorials: Click on each page to enlarge. 5 pages for easy printing.

BBCurtainsT1  BBCurtainsT1pg2 BBCurtainsT1p3

BBCurtainsT1p4  BBCurtainsT1p5

The tieback tutorial: Click page to enlarge and print


If you have any questions…I’m here.

Check out for beautiful fabric selections and for more creative ideas.

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Courtesy of Pinterest


Courtesy of Pinterest
Courtesy of Pinterest





10 thoughts on “Adding Curtain Appeal – DIY Band trim on curtains

  1. Beautiful transformation! The added edging gives your draperies an entirely new look – the look of custom, too. Great job! 🙂

  2. Thank You! Yes I do. I’ve been sewing since….well lets just say for a long time. ;-). I understand being picky. And Kudos for you being picky. Check you fabric shops or on line fabric shops for lots of options.

  3. Most welcome Ginene! Thank you. And a hint… I wish I knew you before you took your drapes to the dry cleaners…….We would advise our clients that once your draperies are up….do not take them down to dry clean…never dry clean…spot clean if you have to with a clean white cotton towel, mild soap and water. and vacuum them! You can sprinkle arm and hammer baking soda on them and vacuum them. For smokers you may have to take them down and air them outside and vacuum. With sheers, take down and put them in a bath tub with mild soap and water but don’t submerge the header. Let them air dry. What is it about dry cleaners and draperies??? Hope this helps. !! Thanks Ginene

  4. I’m so glad I saw this post tonight because for someone like me with 11′ ceilings, you’ve just taught me that I could add length on to standard drapes. I would hate to admit what I paid for the Restoration Hardware drapes I bought for this building over 13 years ago. And I didn’t think, at the time, of what it would cost to have them dry cleaned. I had it done once and the cleaner did a really bad job of cleaning them. Next time, I’ll buy washable curtains and add something marvelous to the bottom like you showed. I am in awe of your craftsmanship and artistry. Thanks again for helping me with my unusual windows.

  5. Love the look and its simplicity! Well at least you make it look simple 🙂 the fabric and colors blend nicely and gives the room “fierce attitude”. Very nice Linda, very nice!!!

  6. I’m impressed. I’ve been living in my home for over 4 years now and still haven’t put up curtains. I’m so picky. So, you actually sew the designs and mix and match yourself?

  7. Awww, Thanks Alycia! You can!! But I understand about not having fabric window treatments. Custom treatments are investments. I much rather make inexpensive ones in the bedrooms and offices…Because I know (like you) I’m going to get tired of them and want to change as soon as I see another pretty fabric. (too funny)! Thanks again!

  8. Seriously…this makes me want to try to learn to sew again. I have tried and tried and tried (starting in high school when I got a big, fat D in this part of Home Ec!), but it’s just never been something I can grasp. I think I’m just way too impatient. That’s a shame because I really admire that you can create like that!!! The banding is great, and the tiebacks are really super, super, super!!! What a beautiful job!

    We have ZERO window treatments here. Part of that is by choice, but the other part is because it’s such an expensive venture for something I know I’ll change my mind about within 6 months time. If I just had the talent you have…..!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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