Exotic Sentiments

Going to the fabric warehouse is a very disciplined undertaking for me.  But I’m weak when it comes to buying fabric. Especially the fabric remnants! I went in to purchase the rest of the fabrics  needed for another project.  So this purchase was a total impulse reaction.  Tommy Bahama Fabric on clearance for $4 a yard. Usually sales for $12++ a yard.  I only purchased 1-1/2 yards because I had no idea what I would do with it. But I was drawn to it.  That night while sewing (another project)  I was watching Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown. This episode he travels to Tanzania for an African safari adventure.  My question was solved….inspiration found….The Tommy Bahama Bahamian Breeze Fabric united with Exotic Wild Animal prints!!  (Silly me)

TommyBahamaFabric TommyBahamaFabric

The fringe was also in the remnant bin and it complimented the Tommy Bahama Print. The soft suede cheetah print I already had. Since it was only a small amount of TB fabric, pillows was the best choice. I decided to make left and right banded pillow covers with contrast lining.

TBPillowcase  IMG_2218

Of course I could not stop there with only pillow covers,  I still had fabric left!  The rest of the cheetah print I made into a valance with the Tommy Bahama fabric as a contrast band and ascot. Also, tie backs for the mock canopy.  The fringe was used on the lamp shades.  My excuse to change the décor:  This seems more accommodating for the colder months ahead, with warmer natural hues.  00a IMG_2339ExoticSentiments

This was the before: From Bohemian Playfulness to Exotic Sentiments:   Bohmenian to ExoticThe changes made:

  1. Pillows, Bolster and Bed Scarf
  2. Window Treatment Valance
  3. Canopy and tie backs
  4. Added glass top and table skirt to side table
  5. Vignettes modified on bedside tables
  6. Lamps and pictures
  7. Added chair under window
  8. Crystal Pull cords for fan
  9. Faux fur bedside rug
  10. Bamboo silk plant in corner

02a IMG_2286  04 IMG_2315  03a IMG_2363EXS  05 IMG_2375EXS

  06c IMG_2347EXS  IMG_2386EXS

To think it started with 1-1/2 yards of  $4 clearance fabric.  Most of all, I went shopping around the house, garage and closets.   Here is the tutorial on the pillow cover.  Click to enlarge.  The bolster and coordinating bed scarf was made years ago, so a tutorial on the bolster I’ll have to do, soon to come. PillowCoverContrast

Here are the other colors in the same Tommy Bahama print found on Fabric.com

Bahamain BreezeTeal BahamianBreezeBlack BahamianBreezeBlue Bahamian Breeze Red Bahamian Breeze brown


Now then; I guess I can get back to the project I was doing before all of this impulse got the best of me.

Cozy up for the chill and why not try some exotic sentiments here and there while you sew, create and enjoy loving your home.  See ya soon.

Check out Fabric.com for beautiful fabrics and Houzz.com for creative inspiration.



6 thoughts on “Exotic Sentiments

  1. This is just beautiful. I saw the Anthony Bourdain show, also, and was enthralled. I love the fringe on the lampshade. It is interesting how this fabric can be used in different styles. Whenever I see a pattern like that I think Florida or 1940s barkcloth but you were inspired with your creativity to see it as Tanzania. Love it.

  2. Ooooohhhhh…..what a luxurious space! It’s all Ernest Hemingway up in there!!! 🙂 I am in awe of the ease in which you are able to switch up the look and mood of a room! Fabric is definitely your friend, Linda!!! You’ve got a creative bone in you that SO many people WISH they had…me included!!!

  3. Hi there, Thanks Ginene. Love that show. His stomach must be made of steel. Yes, It does remind me of vintage barkcloth now that you mentioned it! Tanzania. Go figure. 🙂 Thanks for visiting.

  4. Hey there! Thanks Alycia. That is so nice of you. But I wish I had the funds to really do a Ernest Hemingway designer room. Dreams!!! Thanks. It’s funny, you know how one little item can cause an entire burst of energy. It was not my intention to redo that room, None at all! Now it needs to be painted… I need meds to keep me focused. 🙂 Thanks again.

  5. This is a roaring good look.. You added the perfect warming look yet keeping the tropical feel of the room. I adore the pearls around the tiger… gives her the fierce yet elegant look.. The is so much eye candy flowing around the room.. and all I can do is salivate.. chuckles… As always.. excellente!!!

  6. Hey there! Thanks so much. too funny…”roaring”! Shout out to Amina on the pearls. I wish I could have added more eye candy but doing a room décor redo was not in the plans…. I really have to work on staying on track…but taking a detour every now and then, from what I should be doing, can be fun. :-). Back to work/create/fun/play….Thanks again!

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