Christmas Quilts

I love sewing and creating quilts. Now I can quilt with pure joy because  years back I made custom quilts for clients.  It became too much stress and the joy faded so I stopped making them.  The bug resurfaced this year and I made two quilts for friends. This inspired me to pull out from storage one of the Christmas quilts  I made for myself a few years back for my breakfast table.

Using Christmas traditional colors in red, green and gold,  it’s small, only 45 inch square because I made it with scrap fabrics from other orders.   This quilt block is called Drunkards Path.  Ain’t that a hoot!!  Is the name trying to tell me something?  🙂  But this quilt block has hundreds of variations in its design, it’s amazing.  (Check out Pinterest and search  Drunkard’s Path).  It’s very easy to make because you are only using 2 pattern shapes. Just arrange the block squares as you wish.


01 IMG_2779CQ  02 IMG_2781

The quilting pattern are swirls, my favorite. And the reverse is a solid gold.

04b IMG_277204c IMG_2763 IMG_2873

Pulled out my reindeer napkins and some of the Christmas items I used from last year. No formal place settings for breakfast. Breakfast here is coffee, juice, fruit, bagel and Go.  Now our little breakfast area can welcome the holidays.

Have you heard of the quilt block called The New York Beauty?  This is my all time favorite quilt block.  I think I made them in my sleep.  And it’s the two I did this year.  Using only Christmas traditional colors in Red Green and Gold. IMG_0627TheNewYorkBeauty

IMG_0629 img062 (2) IMG_1931 IMG_1930 IMG_2956

The method is paper piecing. Looks confusing but really not. I used over 22 different fabric prints and the back is solid black. Notice the Christmas butterfly in the center? 🙂  LadyMeLange1Right now my New York Beauty has been hanging out in my morning/sun room for approx. 5 years. I don’t take it down, but it may change from wall to wall. 🙂  But I’ve always imagined hanging it framed over a mantel. 0a23217a762ae003d36406f4b6f04f4c                                                                                         Picture courtesy of Pinterestc212e72741ad9e0d645cecb055a925e3NYBF                                                                                      Picture courtesy of Pinterest.

I think I may have to create a mantel. 🙂

This one I did 3 years ago from a pattern by “Another by Anita” and donated it for a charity event auction. AnotherbyAnitaBelieve it or not, this took more time than the New York Beauty. And it’s all cut out appliques. Each little piece is individual and each piece does not touch the other.  The green background fabric is the veins between each piece. I drank lots of coffee on this one.

I love seeing quilts during the Christmas holiday season. To me, they give the feeling of a Grandmother’s hug.  Love, soft, safe and always welcome.  Do you like quilts?  I’ll be showing more of my quilts, old and new,  now that the bug has hit again.   It’s time to finish decorating for the holidays…….Until then, sew, create and enjoy loving your home.


10 thoughts on “Christmas Quilts

  1. Hi there. Thanks Alycia for your kind words. (smiles) I’ve taken that road one too many times in my younger days. Now, that I have leisure time…you would think I would get more things done. Too funny, a perfect example: I go into one room to get something on the way back I stop, put it down and start something else. By the time I make it back where I started I forget what the heck I was doing and have to start the process all over again…too funny. AnyHey, resurfacing my joy of quilting will really focus my attention. So glad you stopped by. Have a great rest of the week.

  2. Hi there! Thanks so much. We do the same…venture out and walk, take a ride to see all the beautiful decorations people create. People are nicer and smiles are many. Love it too. Thanks again.

  3. I totally understand about the fading joy when you’re working for someone vs. doing something for the pure love of it. I’m so glad you were able to reclaim your joy and start quilting again at your leisure.

    “Drunkards Path”. Hmmmm….sounds like the road to my house! 🙂

    You have a wonderful, wonderful talent. So glad you’re enjoying it so the rest of us can enjoy looking!

  4. I absolutely love the holidays because I get to visit amazing blogs and travel the streets to see amazing things. I am loving the colors in the quilts and hoe festive everything looks. It just screams Christmas and I absolutely love it

  5. Hey there! Thanks so much Ginene! Wow what a compliment. I’m afraid to take vitamins, I don’t need any more energy, who knows what you might see me doing. You ever see the Mr. Clean commercial, with the old lady in the field pushing the farm plow…that would be me. LOL…But thanks so much, I’m glad you like them. I can remember looking a quilts differently, but now I can appreciate them. People are really creating art. I love hanging quilts, you can really see and appreciate the workmanship that way. So glad you stopped by, Thanks again.

  6. LOL! You are too funny. I’m sorry can you please repeat…about the part…sweet, wonderful…gorgeous…..Thanks my dear! I really appreciate it. Glad you like it. You started a quilt with all that you already do, I’m impressed! Do a little at a time, it will get done. Have you been naughty or nice? Never know what Santa may bring. :-). Thanks again.

  7. Linda, you are like the fairy tale Rapunzel spinning straw into gold…I’d like to know what vitamins you take. I am just opening my eyes to really see modern quilting designs and I so appreciate these new ways of looking at quilting. Both are just as beautiful, in their own way.

  8. Your endless talents never cease to amaze me. Why oh why, can’t I have a pound of your sewing skills..: :-/ These quilts are absolutely stunning. I’m so ashamed I still haven’t picked up my Pieces of Time quilt to finish it off, and its just simple square boxes.. smh…well my sweet, wonderful, talented aunt.. (did i butter you up enough.. chuckles..) hmmmmm….uhhhhhh…. ah hem.. swallow hard.. swallow hard again.. chuckles.. did I say gorgeous aunt.. chuckles. let me stop.. I’ll have to get motivated again.. All joking aside.. those are beautiful. and I love the table setting with it..

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