Soft and Cozy Faux Fur DIY Throw Blanket

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Mr. snowman must have made it down to FL. and brought some of the cold weather with him.  🙂  Although it’s Florida it can get a bit too chilly for me.   So it’s time to bring out the blankets!!  Can you believe we only have one blanket that actually fits our bed!!! AfghanFor our wedding gift 30yrs ago my Mom made us this oversized king afghan.  I love it and bring it out during the cold months. It looks just as beautiful today as it did the day we received it.  But this year I wanted a little more warmth!   Thank God for the inventors, designers and creators of warm, soft and cozy faux fur fabrics!  Looking for one large enough 90″ x 120″ was waaaayyyy out of my budget.  And the faux fur throws I see in the stores  were just not big enough…..hmmm……JoAnns was having a sale!!!! YAY!

IMG_2959 IMG_2958

13554043Fauxfursnowleopard 33.99 @40percentoff
Silver fox faux fur $34.99 on sale at 50% off for $17.50 a yard

In order to stay in my budget, I was able to get 3 yards of the softest, high-loft-pile faux fur they had. This fabric was actually 66″wide!

See my hand print. It’s sooooo soft!

and 3 yards of a soft and cozy fabric (not fleece).

Seriously folks this was the simplest thing I have ever sewn.


After cutting the edges straight on the wrong side of the faux fur. The selvage edge was straight. The cut edge needed to be straightened.  I put rights sides together, faux fur and the soft and cozy then sewed all 4 side seams.  Leaving approx. 20″ open on one side to turn.  Hand sewed the opening closed. Popped it in the washer and dryer. (hint: drying  a high loft fabric I recommend drying with 2 tennis balls and a bonce dryer sheet. It maintains the soft pile and loft, I do this with my down comforter too).  Total cost: $80.00 within my $100 budget. IMG_3047FFB

  IMG_2974FFbedscarf  IMG_2971FFBT  IMG_3049FFbedscarf

Two fabrics, four seams!  The finished size was 64″ by 106″. Not quite the size I wanted (90 x 120) but perfect for our bed with a nice side drop.  My bedding is ready for the cold. Between the jersey sheets, afghan, down comforter and faux fur bed throw….OMG… I feel the hot flash coming… Staying warm…I guess that’s why we live in Florida.  Stay warm my friends…don’t let that cold bug catch you. Stay warm, soft and cozy with a little faux fur.

Until next time, If you can’t find it within your budget….sew and create it,  and enjoy loving your home! 🙂 see ya!

4 thoughts on “Soft and Cozy Faux Fur DIY Throw Blanket

  1. Wow, I think I may have to give this a try. It seems pretty easy and I love a comfy cozy blanket. This simply looks amazing. And your mom definitely had style, I love that afghan. This is simply so chic.

  2. Your sewing skills packed a wallop with this project! I love your new bed cover, and I love the original, as well. I have one almost identical that my grandmother made. Thank you for inspiring me to try it out on the twin bed in the project studio. Yours is truly a piece of art, and it looks so fresh and clean. Is it washable? That was a great tip about cutting the faux fur, too. Enjoy your warm, cozy bed! (Surely your cold won’t last long in Florida.)

  3. First off.. The blanket Nan made is totally beautiful..God had truly blessed her with that gift.. )which I see how you became such a talented seamstress. Now that fur blanket.. You’re killing me.. I must have developed my love for it from you..(it’s in the blood) chuckles.. That is absolutely perfect!! You couldn’t get it at a store more better looking.. I wish we had a Joanne’s near us.. Well you’ve got yourself covered in some seriously lush fabrics.. Keep warm! Btw. Your room is beeeee-uu-ti-ful! I love the art work

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