Indian Paisley Bed Runner and Large Pillow – DIY

This particular fabric by Kravet is titled Latika Festival.

001 LATFES_3z It’s a Damask fabric,  an Indian Paisley print made of 100% linen.  It can run up to $30.00 a yard. You have seen it in many design applications I’m sure. From draperies, pillows, upholstery to bedding.  I think it’s a gorgeous print. The only way I can describe it in “my” dictionary of design terms is having a bold print, soft undertones with an ethnic vibe. Granted not for all, but appreciated.LatikaPaisleyVia

  At my favorite place (my secret fabric warehouse), I spotted this very fabric.   I was able to get 3- 1/2 yards at, get this…..$28.00 total!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Regular price for “One” yard is $30+.  I rolled it out for inspection, because I could not believe this price for designer 100% linen.  NO flaws!!!!  I took all that was there, only 3 -1/2 yds left on the bolt. Talk about right place at the right time.

So, ok, Ms. Linda now whatcha going do with it?  That was the question.  A runner came to mind.  But it stayed tucked away for a while until I found coordinating fabrics.  ColorsPRP203 IMG_2177 03a IMG_2178

I had this linen like fabric with a raised swirl design in my stash that I purchased from Hobby Lobby,  so I decided to use that.  Long story short, with my love to mix it up I combined these fabrics with an exotic animal print (my staple fabric), tassel fringe and lip cord.  I chose a solid red for the back by Tommy Bahama called  Kalapana which retails $24.98 a yard, on clearance for $4.00 a yard!  Another great bargain.

02 IMG_2176 OverviewIndianPaisley

After a rough draft drawing, measuring and cutting fabric pieces,  I got to work.   After the completion I gathered some accessories and…….displayed it in my morning-sun room draped over the ottoman.  14 2510PRP

This room is very laid back, always changing.  Pillows on the floor, one big cozy comfy chair and ottoman,  nothing remotely formal.  And with the sun beaming thru the windows makes it all the more relaxing. 18 IndianPaisley

The Quan Yin Buddhist seemed to be appropriate for this Indian Paisley Runner.

17 IMG_2474Paisleypillow

With the rest of the fabric I was able to make a 25″ square decorative pillow, and two euro shams with envelope closure.   This way I have the option to use the runner in the guest bedroom with the coordinating pillows.

3573euro IMG_3575eurobedding

Well that’s my take on this Latika Festival fabric. I hope I’ve done it justice…..Back to the drawing board I just spotted another gorgeous print…………Until the next post….sew, create and enjoy loving your home.

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  1. I just fell over on the floor!!! These are drop dead gorgeous!!! Everything about the patterns are perfectly blended. I never knew the name of the fabric but always liked the design pattern. The orange, the blues, the leopards all it looks stunning. Me and the Brother (my trusty machine) must come visit so you can wave your talented wand over us and sprinkle a little sewing dust over our heads!

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