Raggedy Ann inspired

Remember Raggedy Ann?  I loved Raggedy Ann & Andy, with the bright red rope hair and poppy eyes.  🙂  Too cute!  Well, in the midst of editing and cleaning out, I came across a bag of yarn I was about to throw out or give to GoodWill.  (I have to eat my words because I told my niece, not too long ago, I was never going to throw anything out again!…Never know when you might need something. But the Tiny House Movement has put me in a minimalist frame of mind). Anyhoo,  when I saw this bag of yarn, Raggedy Ann came to mind.  What fun would this be to make something with this yarn.  Doll maker I’m not but pillow maker I am!

With remnant fabric left over from a earlier project and a spool of bright yellow yarn, the dreary weather outside…Well, hey Raggedy Ann inspired me to bring In the Sun!  IMG_4240RagPillow2 IMG_4195RagPillow4 IMG_4191Ragpillow5   IMG_4208RagPillow7 IMG_4211RagPillow6

Ruffle Large Lumbar

Ruffle Large Lumbar

The ruffle pillow and bed scarf I made earlier. Decided to bring it out and feature with the Rag Pillow.

Have extra yarn and a little time…Let Raggedy Ann inspire you.   🙂 Thanks for stopping by.  signature71tV-kuGCeL__SL1001_rp10

Here’s the tutorial.





6 thoughts on “Raggedy Ann inspired

  1. Of COURSE, I remember Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy! They were just about right up there with Mrs. Beasley for me! (I cried and cried when my little brother murdered my Mrs. Beasley doll!!!)

    I am impressed with the creativity it took to come up with a pillow that pays homage to Raggedy Ann and Andy in such a chic way! It looks great in the bedroom!

  2. This could be the latest fad for tween bedroom pillows. Who wouldn’t want a fun and unique pillow like this on their beds? I can just see girls playing with the Raggedy Ann hair while talking on the phone. This is another completely original idea! ~Ginene

  3. Ahh, that’s bitter sweet! Mrs. Beasley.. you are really bringing back the memories!. 🙂 You can find one on-line, I’m sure…that would be too cute if you did. The child in us only grows up…not old. Thanks Alycia.

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