Pillow Bling – DIY Pillows-how to cover flaws in fabric

This Spring I wanted to spruce up our patio by making new cushions for the patio furniture.  I was hunting for a tropical Sunbrella (outdoor) fabric until I came across this Richloom designer fabric for $4.00 a yard  (normally sells for $20.00 ++ a yard).   Needless to say my hunt for outdoor fabric just went out the door.  Eureka, so I thought. Until I inspected all 11 yards that I purchased.  Sometimes things are too good to be true.  Four of the yards looked liked this:

background  discolored

You can see the background has areas that are discolored.    I knew all sales were final, no returns or exchanges.  Heartbroken.  Now what!  I was able to complete the curtains with the 7 good yards,  but the pillows and runner will have the discoloration.  Maybe a little bling will divert the attention away from the background.  I needed inspiration.  My favorite designer when it comes to bling inspiration is none other than…..

                Jay Strongwater !



 With crystals and rhinestones, a Hot fix gun, Gem tac, thread and needle….

crystals sew in crystals2 sew in cryatals

Here’s the outcome…. PillowBling 5136PillowBling PillowBlingflowers

  • After cutting the front section of the pillow fabric I applied interfacing to the fabric back  before applying the crystals.
  • For the larger sew-in gems I applied gem tac to the back of each crystal before sewing them on.
  • For the stick on rhinestones I peeled off the sticky back and used the gem tac for application.
  • For the Hot fix crystals each crystal took approx. 7-10 sec to adhere. I purchased my hot-fix gun from Michaels Craft Store for approx. $12.00. And the crystals on-line from http://www.Firemountaingems.com

 trimPB invertedpleatPB

For the pillow sides I used 2 trims and made  3″ inverted pleats.  Lined the pillow and added a zipper closure.


PBling CurtainsPB            The unlined curtains I made with a soft heading hung on a decorative wood rod with rings.

Adding a little bling isn’t all bad… Using crystals and rhinestones is nothing new, but it is a great way to divert attention away from flaws.   If you love home accents with crystals, gems and rhinestones like I do, check out  www.jaystrongwater.com  you will be amazed.  Until next time….

Sew, create and enjoy loving your home.



4 thoughts on “Pillow Bling – DIY Pillows-how to cover flaws in fabric

  1. Forgive me for gushing but I can’t help it. What you did with that fabric is absolutely the most beautiful thing. It is superlative. I am blown-away. You are incredible.

  2. well lordy,lordy,lordy!!! you’ve got the midas touch..just turning everything into gold! i would have never thought to bling out faded fabric.. excellent idea.. i should try that with my outdoor pillows i made last year..and.. it wouldn’t cost much.. thanks for the tip

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