Time for a Siesta

 Just in time for Cinco de Mayo.  Hand painted Mexican Talavera Pottery is my favorite pottery. The vibrant mix of beautiful colors and designs just makes any space come alive with color.  Last week I went to TJ Max looking for a particular item.   And look what I walked out with.  A total impulse buy I could not pass up. 5388Siesta1Siesta3

Cute, Cute, Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.   Great find. Great price! Siesta2Totally forgot about what I was shopping for.


This one found on this website retails for $61 on sale.  http://www.lafuente.com/Mexican-Decor/Talavera-Pottery/Talavera-Planters/13073/.   Savings in my pocket! YAY!

Cheers to Cinco de Mayo.  Hope you like bright colors!

5507Siesta5499Siesta 5492Siesta 5501Siesta 5502Siesta 5503Siesta

 🙂  Chuckles!!!

The mat my  hombre is napping on,  are round placemats that I always buy in many colors. You find them at discount stores for 4/$5.99.  For outdoors they are great.  I use  them under planters for an added splash of color.  This one I trimmed with an outdoor fabric in orange zebra print to coordinate with the hombre’s sombrero.  I just had to.  🙂    5511IslandOasisQuiltArt

This Quilt I made several years ago using cut out scraps and machine appliqued onto a blue background for the sky. It’s suppose to represent an island oasis with the sun, moon, and sea. (whatever, I needed to use those scraps).  Now it hangs framed tucked away in the back room.  FloorPillowQuiltThe New York Beauty Quilts, I also made several years ago.  Use to hang this one, but now it’s a floor pillow for my grands when they come to visit.

Finding this little treasure was just meant to happen.

 At the right place, the right time and just in time to honor Cinco de Mayo.  5501SiestaSí señorita, its time for a Siesta!

Until next time…Sew, create and enjoy loving your home.

adiós  5450Siesta


4 thoughts on “Time for a Siesta

  1. Linda I simply love the colorful siesta colors you’ve got flowing all around.. The oranges, yellows and greens are so vibrant – makes me feel just like I’m in Mexico . The cutie pie of a pillow is so darling.. I love it. The creative idea of using the placemats as plant enhancements was totally the bomb-diggity!! I see those placemats all the time especially at goodwill and never thought to use them like that.. I have to steal that idea (I hope you don’t mind). Great post.!! I see you snapped out of it. .. Lol

  2. I always feel so good when I find a great item at a great price. Well done. I absolutely love your quilt and pillow! They are so colorful and bright.I’m trying my hand at quilting, but haven’t mastered applique.

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