Life Under the Palms – table topper and table cloth

One sunny day I was laying outside under the palm trees gathering my thoughts looking up to the sky, and it became my next DIY project inspiration.

Inspiration: Tropical palm trees

TropicalPalms  I remembered during my purging I had purchased tropical palm fabric by Tommy Bahama. Don’t remember how much per yard it was, but I guarantee it was on sale.

TommyBahama TommyBahamaCan you believe how much it resembles my garden.

palmleaves Palms palmgarden

I really didn’t know what to make. But I knew I wanted to use it in the garden even though it’s not outdoor fabric.  So I decided on a round floor length table-cloth.     UnderthepalmroundtableclothWith the extra fabric I made a square topper with mitered corners and finished with chainette fringe.TopperUnderthePalmsAnd here she is….finished! Under the palmsunderthepalmstrim Underthepalmscenterpiece UTPsilvercandleholder

The centerpiece is from the Christmas table setting Poinsettia and Palms.  I fell in love with this tropical print fabric the moment I saw it. Why it took me so long to use it I don’t know.


I love spending down time in our garden, it clears my mind (adding a martini does the same thing 🙂 ) and gives me so much inspiration….I’m only missing one thing… the beach.  Now wouldn’t that be just divine?   What inspires you?

Enjoy the rest of your summer.  Remember to look up!

 Until next time… Sew, create and enjoy loving your home. signatureLUtPAlso check out Pinterest for many tutorials on making round table cloths.

8 thoughts on “Life Under the Palms – table topper and table cloth

  1. Thanks Jenna. You have such beautiful tablescapes. What a compliment! Ya’know the tutorial features a sample round table cloth with a band, but take away the band the process is the same. Thanks again.

  2. Hey there! Thanks sweetie. lol… It helps when I pretend I’m on a tropical island. I need steel drums playing in the background. And a tropical drink from coconuts. 🙂

  3. Oh goodness, the tablecloth is simply stunning! I have to hop over to your tutorial and see how you created this masterpiece! Love the Tommy B fabric, perfect for your setting~

  4. I can clearly see how you’re inspired by such beauty around you.. Between the view and, the gorgeous palm trees and tablecloth..I would think I’m on a tropical island.. Excellent, excellent, excellent…

  5. What a cleverly beautiful tablecloth! That fabric is a perfect match to your yard. I’ve never worked with chainette. Is it difficult to sew with? Love the palm tree candle sticks.

  6. Hey there, my friend. Thanks so much! I’ve been under the weather, not so much under the palms. :-). But now that I’m feeling a little better I can start doing what we love to do…DIY projects. Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful week.

  7. Linda, your workwomanship, attention to detail, and design eye blow me away every time. Am forwarding to my sister in Florida. And the silver bowl with the palms…gorgeous. ~Ginene

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