Fall Centerpiece

I want to share my DIY fall centerpiece made for our breakfast table, which I had much fun doing because I rummaged thru what I had. FallCenterpiece2015F

But first I needed inspiration:

Supplies I had:
Hurricane Vase
QuakeHold Museum Putty (what I keep in my DIY kit. Love this stuff)
Fall garland from Last year's centerpiece shown here
Rhinestones (Another DIY Kit keeper)
Hot glue gun for rhinestone application

GFC124 IMG_6742  14186951$_35

(Using this small glass for demo)

FC2015  FCputtyapp2015 Museum Putty does not damage surfaces. Simply remove, pull off from glass and reuse again. Sold at Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart.

 Different view of back and inside

FC6733 FC6738

Added rhinestones to the leaves and a tassel for extra sparkle

FallCenterpiece2015F2 Fallcenterpiece20152

I will change the pillar candle to a battery flameless candle for safety.


If you get a chance, keep in mind the QuakeHold Museum Putty. It’s a great product to have on hand. I’ve used it for years. When we lived in CA with earthquakes and with dogs running thru the house, this saved objects and accessories from falling and being damaged.

Happy Fall.  Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy signature