Proud Baby Turkey Centerpiece

Our outdoor patio table could use a small centerpiece to welcome fall.  I did one for our breakfast table, Fall Centerpiece so I thought why not for the patio table.  But it needed to be small. Taking inventory of what I had leftover from the Fall Centerpiece and gathering what I did not use from last year’s Fall Harvest, this little turkey candle holder was the perfect size.  IMG_7283It holds a 3 1/2″ pillar candle. It is only 5″ tall and 4″ wide.  Cute little baby Turkey.  Using oasis foam, a hot glue gun, floral pins and silk florals and stems, I tried to make baby Turkey proud despite his size …… 7290babyturkeyBut where are the feathers?  I didn’t have any, not one feather.  So I opted to give him a crown instead of feathers. The crown is a rhinestone snowflake applique from 🙂 IMG_7284Turkeybaby

When I placed him on the table I had no room left for our place settings and such.

(I thought I was going for small).


So I moved him to another small table right outside the patio doors. He looked rather cute there.IMG_7319turkeybabyAfter dinner I placed him back on the table where I found a taller candle holder to act as a pedestal.

Gathered a few more stems to make a swag to fill in the space. I had to include at lease one tropical flower, an Anthurium. IMG_7325turkeybaby

Now that dinner is over he has the center of the table and sits quite proud on his pedestal.  IMG_7329turkeybabyA turkey with no feathers.  hmmm…. He doesn’t seem to mind.  🙂

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