A New Year …. old habits

7987HappyNewYear2016Cheers!   I must say I was ready to put away the Christmas décor and get on with starting the New Year!  First off changing the centerpiece and buffet.  But keeping the snowflakes for a while longer.

Starting  this year I’m done with making resolutions:


Via        Memory and age seems not to work so well together


I only promise myself  to do what is needed to be healthy and happy.


Via      An evening cocktail or two, sexy lingerie, marabou slippers and meds.


Now as far as my quirky habits.  Well I can’t seem to stop them.  Maybe because I don’t want to. (dah, ya think) (yeah). It’s just who I am.  We all have them but the funny thing is, “we” don’t think they are quirky until someone else brings it to our attention.

There are no secrets and nothing to be ashamed of so my dear friends and family has made me aware of the few quirky habits that I have, maybe you have some of the same.

  1. I drink wine with a straw.

    Via                  So not cool!

    straw glass

    I’m really considering buying this??


  2. I change my clothes a minimum of three-five times a day.  From head to toe.  Whenever the hot-flash mood strikes…off they fly…..

    Via           Sometimes My husband ask “so when will the fashion show be over”….


    Via                          I just laugh and change again into something else….


  3. I wear evening gowns as house dresses.  Why wait for a special occasion?

    Via        Too pretty to leave hanging

    I just pretend I’m Eartha Kitt ….Meow>>>>


    Via               “Oh No darling…not today”


    Via                “Housework….. Darling, you tickle me”


  4. I’m touchy-feely.  When I’m walking with someone (no strangers), I touch them.  Grabbing their hand or arm, or shoulders touching, placing my hand on their back.  (don’t know why, I just do)



  5. I use the phrase “too funny”….all the time

    Via          It’s all in perspective


  6. I love rings and bracelets and sometimes go overboard.  Mixing real gems with costume jewels
    Too much??? Maybe, Maybe not

    Too much??? Maybe, Maybe not


    Via       Did you know…


  7. And I can’t seem to hide my feelings…my facial expressions are worth a thousand words…

    Via               ahhh,  Honestly….


That’s just a few.  Imagine that!   Strange, different, quirky or just, we all have our little ways that make us who we are.  Needless to say I don’t think I will be changing any of them as a New Years Resolution.



 Carry on……..Carry on……..signature



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