Sentimental Sunday A Pillow Revived

About a year ago I made two small pillows for my daughter. They were not quite her style and did not go with her bedroom décor so I stored them away. I won’t bore you with the details of why I made these pillows but she loved and appreciated them. None-the-less they stayed stored away and forgotten about. With my clean-sweep of closet clean out I came across them again.  Sharing my story with a sewing friend, she asked if I would forward the sewing instructions if I had any.  Thank goodness for computers files.  Forwarding it to her, I decided to share with you as well.

My daughter’s style, is not lace, ruffles and bows.  Her design style is contemporary/modern, so why did I think these pillows would fit in?  Again IDK. They are more shabby chic. I think.  I hot-fixed her initial in Swarovski crystals on one and a fur stiletto slipper on the other.  Oh she thanked me, but sweetly said, “Mom, I love you, but don’t be upset if you don’t see them when you visit”.  (too funny)  That’s why they have been wrapped, stored and forgotten.    It’s funny now when I think about it,  because deep down I knew what her reaction would be. 4332ssm


The pillows had been sitting on my project table for 2 weeks until, lightbulb moment, I decided to alter the ruffle pillow for my granddaughter.   Why didn’t I think to do this before?  Who knows.  My granddaughter is like her grandmother,  she likes bling.  The fur stiletto pillow I’ll hang on to.  It’s not for a little girl.  I sent her the ruffle pillow.  But I had to make alterations to the “L”  because it is not her initial.  The center of the pillow was small and first I thought of making the L into a butterfly by adding more crystals or make the L into a T.  But that could not work.  And I wouldn’t think of trying to remove hot-fix crystals, it would ruin the fabric.   So, I went back on line to FireMountain gems  and found super tiny hot-fixed crystals to fit in the word “love”.  And again, why didn’t I think of this before? Who knows.  The crystals arrived in 3 days and I was able to finish it.  Now “Love is in the air”  Literally, I mailed it to her,  my grand-daughter.  _8516SSM

 IMG_8518SSMpillow IMG_8517SSMpillow

The little mirrored box will add to her collection. The small mirrored box

8514SSMpillowThe Swarovski crystals sparkle with her night lights.

I’ve posted the fabric cutting instructions in case you are interested in making one, but I did not do a tutorial. Lumbarrufflepillowinstru It was really simple to make. It measures 16″ wide but the center front section is only 6″wide.  The fabric is a satin poly blend, that has a nice sheen.  I’ve seen pillows very similar in design that you can buy if sewing is not an option. Then you can add a little bling with crystals.  Click here to see another pillow I made with hot-fix crystals.  _8520SSMpillow   I’m glad I didn’t give these to Goodwill,  glad I saved them.  It all worked out well.

I’ll save the stiletto until she gets a little older. 🙂


Sentimental Sunday.

IMG_8512SSMpillow Until next time, enjoy your Sunday. Thanks for stopping by.signature