Beautiful Bromeliads to Welcome Spring

Bromeliads are absolutely beautiful plants.  One of our favorite plants we buy from Lowes.  8632Aechmeabromeliad

 There are so many varieties.

  This particular one is called Aechmea Bromeliad pronounced  “eek-mee-uh”.

 8631AechmeaBromeliad  8630aechmeaBromeliad

I tried to capture the pretty tiny lavender and fuchsia flowers.  Aechmea gets its name from a Greek word meaning “spear tip”.  So placing in with the mighty lion seemed appropriate.  A bit exotic.8648AechmeaBromeliad

In one week more flowers blossomed. BWSB_8752BWS

This giant air plant, also a species of Bromeliad.  I believe it’s called  Tillandsia Air Plant  pronounced “till-and-see-uh.  We first noticed it growing on our Bottle Brush tree in May of 2015.  It’s getting so large I’m afraid the weight of it will cause it to just drop off.  I think it’s beautiful and amazes me every time I look at it.8426tillandsiaAeranthos


Because we love Bromeliads and want to keep them year round, I purchased this silk one approx. 6 years ago.  Forgot where but as you can see, it’s still holding up. One place I go on-line for silk tropical stems year round is click here for the link. _8760BWSFor a simple centerpiece the Bromeliad is all that was needed.IMG_8765SBWSGlad it’s Spring……If you get a chance check out   Great floral stems, arrangements and loads of inspiration.  WelcomeSpringEnjoy Spring.  Thanks for stopping by. signature