Vanity Chair Trash to Treasure with Faux Fur

Early one morning  just before sunrise my husband was out walking the dogs with his LED cap light on.  As he passes a home, in the driveway he spots a torn/broken upholstered vanity chair left for trash pickup.  He decided to give it a second look. “Hmmm”, he thinks, “this looks like solid wood in pretty good condition,  I know my wife could probably do something with this”!  So with both dogs on leashes in one hand,  and a vanity chair in the other hand, he walks at least a mile back home.

I must say I was very surprised by this gesture because my hubby is not a bargain hunter by any means.  Me on the other hand…. I’ll shop hours to save a dollar.  Although I was not in the market for a new vanity stool,  I was most appreciative and took on the challenge of putting her back together.

After all the upholstery and foam was completely removed and stripped down to the wood: VanitystoolbeforeHubby fixed the broken leg, sand and stained the wood base and legs: vanitywoodstainedI purchased foam for the seat cushion and back; seatcushion

For the cover I wanted fur.  Purchased 1 yard of  Winter White Luxury Faux Fur from    I am so pleased with this faux fur.  No shedding, long pile and supper soft.

A special thanks to Kathy from for referring me to Stylish Fabric.  FauxFurI wanted to make the cushion softer, to sink into when I sit.   So I placed a high density feather down pillow on top of the foam cushion, then covered and attached the faux fur.  I love how it turned out. Super soft yet sturdy.   I’m not one that likes to do upholstery projects,  but this was a simple project using an electric staple gun.  One other thing I added was this lovely tie back tassel, I enhanced it with a strand of crystal round beads and then attached it between the seat cushion and the back.  9VanityStool

TasselonvanitystoolFor a total of $54.00 for a swivel fur vanity stool with a feather down seat, is not such a bad deal.  I may paint the legs a different color. Don’t know yet, I’ll have to live with it for a few more days to decide. Here is the back view:8940Vanitystoolback


From trash to treasure.  Thanks to hubbyVanityStoolBeforeAfter ……. I’m sitting pretty!


Thanks for stopping by.  Remember it pays to give things a second look, cause ya just never know. 🙂

Check out for great buys on a variety of faux fur!

Enjoy your week-end!IMG_9091vanitychairsignature