Petal Taffeta goes Shabby Chic – DIY Pillows

Hi there, I hope you had a wonderful week-end.  Yesterday, Sunday, (my favorite day of the week) was a bright, sunny beautiful day.    Sunnywindow

It turned out to be a Do nothing, Snuggle up, Sleep In, Stay in bed, kind of morning.  BreafastinbedBut I finally decided to come out from hiding and make the bed.

Making the bed each morning is some what of a ritual for me something I am adamant about.  A comfortable, well dressed bed is where I start my day and end my day, which is utterly important to my psyche.

This Spring and Summer I wanted new bed linens in a Shabby Chic style.  In hues of white with lots of texture. Cotton, Silk, Taffeta, Faux Fur and Sequin Satin.

PetaltaffetaEuros   I love using all white coverlets, duvets and bed skirts because I can change the pillows out to colorful prints when ever it suits me. As long as the colors coordinate with the draperies.  Plus white linens coordinates with any style.

IMG_8993PetalEuros    Fureurosbedding

I have two sets of Euro pillows. Faux Fur and Taffeta.

The Taffeta petal die-cuts Euros are the most playful.  Actually this fabric is special occasion dress fabric. But for added weight I used a cotton lining for the front and a soft white velvet unlined for the back.PetalTaffetaPillows

 backpetaleuro  Working with this fabric was easy but careful attention was important not to cut into or damage the die-cut petals.   Stitching Taffeta and Velvet together I was not able to press the seams, only using steam and finger pressing.  For the pillow closure I used 1/2″wide velcro. Which was the easiest.


Overall I’m please with my Spring and Summer Shabby Chic bedding.  Hubby likes it and I think the doggies like it too.

 Buddyonbed Jazzpetaltaffeta

Time to Snuggle up to a little Shabby Chic.  shabbychicbedding1ShabbyChicWhitebedding2

  Have a great week. Remember to dress your bed!

 Thanks for stopping by.  Sew create and enjoy loving your home.signature