Framed Gallery Wall wtih Floral Fabric Backdrop

Hi there.  Happy Wednesday!  Hope you are having a wonderful week.

The saying April showers bring May flowers is definitely true, our garden is blooming beautiful flowers to welcome May. Aprilflowers2016Aren’t they beautiful? I wish they could stay this beautiful all year.  Since last Wednesday I’ve picked Gardenias and Roses,  placing them around the house.  There’s nothing like the fresh aroma of flowers.  It’s no doubt I love surrounding myself with beautiful flowers. Outside my studio window is a Gardenia bush and when I open the window….the room smells divine.


These gorgeous flowers gave me an idea… Why not do a framed floral gallery wall!

First for a little background: A few years back, I did a gallery wall in our guest room.  My husband made this beautiful extra-large frame for me. 60″wide by 42″tall.  It turned out wonderful.  For the gallery backdrop I painted a suede technique.

3 frameguestroom


Jamali The  framed art is by “Jamali” Fine Art;  Mystical Expressionism.  I love his creative mind.  Click here to see his Amazing Art.

Although I love this gallery wall, I’m changing the guest room and decided to use this larger frame in my studio office but use fabric as the backdrop instead of painting the wall. ( I really don’t like to paint).

So come on in to my office studio and see what I’m working with.officedoor

On the back wall was my quilt:  Time to take it down for Spring and Summer. Office quiltframed


For the floral fabric backdrop:  Looking in my stash of remnants; this fabric by Richloom was perfect. The colors and flowers are so vibrant on the black background. Plus it coordinates well with white and black.  It’s funny how you keep something for so long knowing one day the lightbulb of creativity will turn on.  Glad I did not include this in my purge pile. fabric  label

For the frame:  I dry brushed silver on just to give the frame a little highlighted accent.   frame detail

First I  screwed 1/4″ thick plywood the size of the frame opening to the wall,  (just two screws, one in each top corner).   Stapled the fabric to the back of the frame, then hung the frame over the plywood.  By doing this, the tiny nails used to hang all the small photo frames won’t go thru the plywood so your wall won’t look like swiss cheese when and if you decide to replace it or take it down.  Command strips does not work for this application because of the fabric, which is not permanently pasted to the plywood.

Then I loaded it up with photos of my wonderful daughter and sweet grands.  I couldn’t stop there, I added a wall decal.  It’s a little on the wild side, but that’s how this old gal likes it. 🙂 IMG_9223frameit

I think I still need to tweak it a bit with the smaller frames but it’s getting there.  I have a few more photo frames to play with.   The wall decal…My first and last,  I cut each letter out so the clear tape would not show between and around each letter.  IMG_9230frame1This technique actually allows me to change the background with different fabric prints.  Which I love…changing things up.

Well, I had 1/2 yard of fabric left. Since I really didn’t “need” another pillow, I decided to take my old vanity stool and give it a new life. I get tickled every time I look at it. The red flower pillow really makes a difference. It’s placed on the side of my desk for no real purpose other than…it’s cute.  🙂 7 Vanity stool

  vanitychair  8 IMG_9101vanitystool

I did the same concept on the opposite wall, but have not decided what color to replace the white frame yet.  A mirrored frame is something that I’m considering.

11 ladyloungeframe

The rest of my studio office is still getting a face lift.  So I’ll be back, whenever….

If you are like me and painting walls is not your forte:

If you have a collection of picture frames:

If you love to change accessories and art without breaking the budget:

If you love colorful designer fabric prints   AND

If you are like me and love to surround yourself with beautiful flowers:

Then this may be an option for you.  Putting gallery walls together is a lot of fun!Photoframeframe

And wouldn’t you know it, last week I saw another fabric print that I like more!!!

Oh well. C’est La Vie.

Thanks for stopping by. Take time to smell the roses and enjoy loving your home.signature