Gardenia Centerpiece

Happy Friday!

I am so looking forward to having a wonderful week-end.  Aren’t you?  I plan to play in the garden, plant flowers and enjoy the sun.

Did I tell you about our Gardenia bushes?  This year they are over-loaded with blooms.

The last few weeks I’ve filled vases and placed them throughout the house.  But this week instead of refilling the vases, I decided to fill up a 15″ round tray and bring them to the table for a large centerpiece.  gardeniabush

After packing the tray with blooms and water, I put a small pedestal in the center of the tray for a tea-pot, also filled with Gardenias.



The Gardenia tray and palm candlesticks in the center of our breakfast table looks and smells so sweet. Gardeniateapotcenterpiece


Enjoying them while they last…..


For now our home has been  Gardenia Heaven Scent.

The Silver-plated tea-pot is only used for flower arrangements.  Awhile back, I got the set and tray for less than $10 at a garage sale!  The sugar lid was missing but I knew I was only going to use the set for flowers,  potpourri and lavender seeds.  I polished it up with Wright’s Silver Cream Polish (which I stand by) and was very pleased at how it turned out.9291Gardeniasinteapot

Breakfast will be Gardenia’s served on a silver platter. 🙂Gardeniasilvertray

Time for me to pick more Gardenias.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a wonderful week-end and take some time to play in the garden.  😉signature9332Gardenia