Have bag will travel -DIY car travel craft bag

RoadtripRoad trips are often around here anywhere from 1 to 8 hours.  Which means I carry a lot of “stuff” to keep myself busy while hubby is driving.  Books, crossword puzzles, beads and tools, hand sewing project kits, latch hook kits…you name it.  Anyhey,  it drives me crazy when I can’t find what I need because I have things thrown in more than one tote.  Every trip I would change to a different tote thinking it would make my things better organized.  Buying a craft tote was definitely the answer but I could not find one that was perfect for my needs.  The perfect tote had to be:

  • Small enough to fit comfortably on my lap and the floorboard of the car between my legs. (not the back seat)
  • Prefer round, like a ditty bag, bucket bag
  • NO outside pockets
  • Plenty of inside pockets, ties and loops that will house everything I need and keep items organized
  • Able to close without anything hanging out or showing
  • Soft fabric  in a colorful print
  • A bag that did not “look” like a typical craft bag

I stopped looking to buy one and finally decided to create my own only after seeing the beautiful fabric designs by LaCarteradesigns.com.  Her fabric designs are so vibrant and colorful I just had to purchase a few yards.  Not only was I inspired by her designer fabric but her purse, totes and organizer bags too.

 The fabric I selected  for my travel craft bag is from her Marble Haze II Collection called Turquoise Yellow Marble.  I also purchased Golden Marble Fields which I have another project in mind for.  (Click on the highlighted titles or picture to see more of her collections)Fabric by LaCarteradesigns.com SpoonflowerAfter cutting and sewing all the pieces Buckettotefabriccuts the bag turned out just perfect for my needs. I used a cream ultra suede fabric  (from Fabric.com) for the contrast trim and pockets. It’s 8 1/2″tall and 10″ diameter.  The bottom is lined with double batting.  The sides are also lined with batting.  The draw string top makes it easy to open and close. (a short tutorial is below)Bucket craft tote  The inside pockets fits all the craft products, books and tools I would need.  I also made a separate, taller round drum with pockets that has sturdy sides made from heavy mat board.   This is great when I’m using heavier craft tools or if I’m taking more than usual.  This inner drum fits perfectly inside the tote and the draw string top (shown in picture below rolled down) closes over it without any of my items exposed.  innerliningtube  Inside bucket craft tote

I had scraps and approx. a 13 x 10″ piece of fabric left out of the 2 yards purchased.  I could not let that go to waste.  Since I always travel with a pillow and a pashmina shawl, I was able to use the leftover to make an applique for a small pillow for my back or for napping on the long car trips.

Why not a butterfly? The mosaic design reminds me of a beautiful butterfly. butterflyappliqueI appliqued the butterfly to the same ultra suede fabric as the piping and inside pockets of the tote.  (Suede Doeskin fabric from Fabric.com)  Super soft.  It turned out cute! ButterflyPillowOn our next road trip…I will be very organized and comfy too.  10 Bucket tote and pillowsoftinsidetoteCarBuckettoteandpillowWhat took me sooo long to make a travel craft bag?  I guess I was waiting on the perfect fabric. 😉

Have bag will travel….see ya on the next road trip.

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Quick tutorial: click for a larger view Bucket bag tote