Wine Tasting Centerpiece

Happy Friday!

I was excited to do a small centerpiece with a $2 find from Hobby Lobby.  I could not pass up this decorative wood letter G marked from $19.00 to $2.00.  It is a larger size and heavy weight… 13″ high, 9″ wide and 1.5″ thick.  But I had no idea what I was going to do with it.  Regardless how inexpensive this was, it’s a problem when you buy something for no other reason than…It’s on clearance.  But $2 was the french fries I didn’t need.   Anyhey… I’m loving the burlap front edged with the brass rivets. IMG_9807

After searching Pinterest,  the following pictures became my inspiration to do a small Wine Tasting Centerpiece.  Via Inspiration

They feature two unique flower holders.  I needed to make this letter out of a vase/holder for the flowers.  I didn’t want to damage the wood by drilling holes in the letter so I took PVC pipes and sealed one end to make it waterproof.  Then hot glued corks in a half circle surrounding the PVC pipe and glued the end corks to the back of the letter.  The opening will allow me to lift out the PVC pipe to change the water and flowers.  No cork stacking perfection needed. Crazy I know!  🙂cork back of letter

For the flowers I used Wisteria, Amaranthus and Siberian Iris flowers and a few twigs.  Finished up the display with grapes, corks and the $2 brass candle holders found at Goodwill.   Now all sides of the letter looks nice from all angles on the table.  Letter G centerpiece

 wine centerpiece

This is the back of the G showing the corks.  The PVC pipe vase doesn’t show. G centerpiece front back

I think I would have liked it a little more if I were able to use stain to age the letter making it look a bit more old and rustic.  I can imagine how cute this would be on a large wine barrel as an accent for a quaint, rustic wine tasting garden party. ??? WineTastingCenterpiece

Wine Tasting Tray

Family Crest Shield Wine Glasses, Brass candlesticks, Initial Wine Stopper, Wine glass fabric napkins

NameCrestShieldwineglass brasscandlestickWineStopper WineglassNapkins

From $2 to not such a bad idea to display a decorative wooden letter G.    Letter G centerpiece

 Well it’s Friday and 5:00pm somewhere.  You’ll find me in one of my favorite regions sipping:WineregionsQuoteUntil next time, Enjoy…GWineQuoteThanks for stopping by. Enjoy your week-end. Wine Tasting signature