When I think of Candelabras ….Liberace comes to mind!



He was the epitome of all things flamboyant and garish.   Elegance, yes!  Drama, most definitely!  Tasteful…well some may say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  (I love it, shhh.)


  I also associate candelabras with weddings, lavish special events and some holidays.  But not any more.

Recently I  attended a private estate show.  Beautiful to say the least, but I was amazed at seeing the number of candelabras featured throughout the estate.  In practically every room. Some very ornate, some over the top, some very casually displayed but giving that finishing touch of understated elegance.  This inspired me to take out my little candelabra and start using it year round instead of just during the Christmas Holidays as shown here on our breakfast and bistro tables.   To see full post you can visit Merry Little Silver and Red Christmas 

      7769candelabraberry   candelabra2015

I went to HomeGoods for the first time and purchased this candelabra at a huge discount since it was very badly damaged in the center.    I painted over the center section in a shimmering silver and used a large rhinestone brooch from to cover the damaged section.

Damaged candelabra

Damaged candelabra

Here are two arrangements I created for the holidays using the center as a faux floral arrangement.

The Poinsettia Christmas Candelabra:


Supplies: 4 taper candles, 2 Wisteria stems, 2 Poinsettias flowers, leaf stems and small ball ornaments.

Orchids for Christmas Candelabra:


Supplies: Crystal beads, wire ribbon, wheat stems, orchids, seed balls, rhinestone pins from, 1 taper candle, 4 tea-lights.


The next design I cut the stem off a chipped champagne flute and secured it to the center taper cup with wax adhesive.  Ice crystals were hot glued completely around the center ball.  This covered all the imperfections of the center ball.

Ice Crystals Christmas Candelabra:


Supplies: Ice crystal fillers, Champagne flute, Crystal glass beads, Rhinestone brooch from, 4 taper candles.

ice candelabra

Do you love candelabras?  This has really inspired me to start using them year round.  They come in so many designs, styles and sizes.  Give one a try this season.  Consider one or more for year round decorating.  They definitely can make a  table, shelf or counter come alive.  For more ideas on decorating with candelabras check out Pinterest.  Here are a few of my favorites for everyday décor. Via Pinterest.

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And a few candelabra ideas for Christmas Holiday decorating. 

Thanks for stopping by….Until next time….Take care and enjoy your week-end.