Spring Thyme and Recipe Blog Hop

After sharing Easter breakfast with Tamyra at Positively Shouthern

 Are you hosting Easter Dinner?

  Will you serve  hors d’Oeuvres or appetizers  prior to the main entrée?

Will your menu consist of three to five courses?

You want your guest to enjoy every bite of the meal you have slaved over without any competing flavors.

Don’t forget to present your guest with a lemon palate cleanser between entrée bites.

If I were a cook, this would be a must on the menu.

Lemon Sorbet Palate Cleanser is the best that I have experienced to neutralize taste buds and remove food residuals.

There are many but since I am a lemon lover this is what I would serve.

Google has many more options to get more ideas.  



12 thoughts on “Spring Thyme and Recipe Blog Hop

  1. Linda, I love lemon! I can’t wait to try these refreshing sorbets and I will definitely start keeping a pint or two in the freezer for palate cleansing! Thanks for the great tips!

  2. Holy Cow I’ve found someone just like me! It isn’t that I can’t cook….I just don’t like to do it anymore! This looks totally like something I’d be willing to commit to preparing! I’m so glad you have shared, now I don’t feel so alone in this world of food bloggers!!

  3. LOL!! Thanks I was beginning to think…should I start learning to cook like the food bloggers??…..by the end of that thought… I was myself again. I completely share your feelings. :-)Thanks so much.

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