The Family Ladies Hot Chocolate Stations for 2018

Winter is here. Yes

It’s cold to say the least….Yes, yes

Time to snuggle, stay warm and cozy…Yes, yes and yes!

I’d say it’s a “Hot Cocoa kind of Day” 

There are dozens of recipes for Hot Chocolate. Some are loaded with ingredients while some are super simple.  What fun it would be to share the secret ingredient to a beverage that is so simple to make.

While putting my hot cocoa bar together I thought why not have a little fun with hot cocoa recipes. So I contacted the ladies of my family who love to cook, know recipes and live for family gatherings.  I asked if each would create a hot cocoa station with their recipe.  Just to give you some background, when the cooking talent gene was being anointed I was in the other room dancing acting a fool.  And there you have it. I am not a cook in the simplest terms. 🙂  🙂 But hey this is Hot Chocolate…easy peasy.  Time was short but for those who were able to participate presented delicious stations.  What fun.

Here they are: The Family Ladies Hot Chocolate Stations and Recipes…

I took the liberty (could not resist) to title each station 🙂 I’m so loving this.

Jamala of VivaLaVintageforyourhome:  “Animalistic flair with vintage and crystal charm”.  Please check out the mugs! The Lion design is beautiful artistry that certainly sets the mood of the Naughty message on the rustic tray that sits in the back.  The charming antique shop Victorian pitcher gracefully sits in the background.  Which shows her love of vintage antiques. Yummy treats displayed on a crystal pedestal plate. Vintage I’m sure. She provided gold spoons to stir the hot cocoa.  They highlight the beautiful gold art of the lions and her monogramed napkins.  All of this goodness sits on a wood tray that coordinates perfectly with the rustic naughty message.  It’s details like this that makes her cocoa station just…..awesomely charming. 🙂

Her recipe:  Swiss Miss instant cocoa, hot water, International delight creamer-Hazelnut or Vanilla and Whipped cream. Simple and Delicious.

Amina:  “Simple is Chic My Darling”. Showing the classy understated elegance in this all glass hot cocoa station.  When you ask this Lady what’s her recipe she only states…”Read for yourself but remember this…The key is the “Vanilla”…OMG I hollered. 🙂 Some people just have a way with words. 🙂  The elegance of glass cups carried and displayed on a crystal glass tray is just simplistic elegance to me. Notice the shape and design of this glass tray. You can’t get any more chic than this.  Her love of antiques shows the understated charm of knowing what works.

As My Lady Amina stated the recipe is on the box: 🙂

Stefanie:  “Believe in the Magic of Christmas”.  Christmas is a joyful time of the year and you will undoubtedly swoon with joy around this display of pure chocolate delightfulness! Starting with the beautiful table runner and holiday snowflake napkins. The Divine Greek-key glass cups, (to die for) which makes the hot beverage even more appealing.  What’s magic without Santa?  Making his appearance to sweeten our belief while you indulge in all the chocolate and mint goodies. Beautiful crystal and silver serving dishes holds cocoa treats and a 3-tier designed tray holds yummy cookies packaged and ready for you to carry home.  Oh how sweet it is to take hot cocoa to the next level…..adding…..Baileys!   The perfect finish or beginning.   🙂

Recipe: Start with………………. then add Baileys Irish Cream ! 🙂

Robin: “Celebrate with Hot Cocoa Kisses” All this lusciousness makes you want to Celebrate and seal it with a kiss.  The colors are bright, so fun and full of life. The perfect initial mugs so there is No chance of getting your hot cocoa confused with someone else. The red truck napkins!  Oh what fun!  The red pick-up truck just makes you smile and so on-point and popular for this Holiday Season.  Beautiful festive bright red and white poke-a-dot cloth napkins brings added pop of cheer.  The pretty fringed green runner brings it all together with it’s unique design.  Now lets talk about this delicious display of yumminess. Give in to your sweet tooth with this array of treats. Displayed on the pedestal glass tray.  Love the pattern of the wafers against the striped bowl.  Chocolate and toppings ready for all.  Adding the cuteness of a plant in a tin planter is a perfect finishing touch.  A truly colorful blend of patterns, textures and prints.  This works on all levels…happy, happy, joy, joy.

Recipe: Silly Farms (the red truck…get it, 🙂 ) Hot Chocolate. Hot milk, top with marshmallows or whipped cream. A dash of cinnamon and sprinkles.


Linda: “Everything Chocolate but the Kitchen Sink”.    Let’s just say a chocolate sugar rush is not so good when you have to stay indoors. The silver tier tray holds the cocoa mix and toppings which sits on a red embossed tray.  Can’t forget the chocolate caramel spoons. Go big with mugs that quote holiday cheer and large enough to hold everything but the kitchen sink. The colors of red, green and white and the Holly Berry design plates and napkins gives this Cocoa Bar a Holiday traditional spirit.  The Thomas Kinkade Christmas cottage gives a cozy touch.

Recipe: For adults only: Swiss Miss. Almond Silk. Mocha Latte. Chocolate peppermint patties. White and dark chocolate morsels. Chocolate and caramel spoons. Marshmallows. Candy cane. A shot or two of Kahlua or Godiva mocha liqueur. 🙂

Was this fun or what?  I hope you enjoyed our Family Ladies Hot Chocolate Stations filled with goodies and treats. Its the perfect time of year for that perfect mug of hot cocoa goodness.

Soooooo….I’d like to close and say, for your Holiday season have tons of fun, stay safe, warm and continue to…..

Thanks for stopping by! See ya next year! 🙂

P.S.  I am not responsible for any misspelled words, run-on sentences, bad grammar, needless punctuation or funny faces……  carry on…..