Faux Fur Pillows- Winter Masterbed Refresh

Happy New Year!

Have we all recouped from bringing in the New Year?  Well I can finally say I have recouped!  I danced, we danced, literally all night like teenagers and I dearly paid for it.  God knows I haven’t moved these bones like that in years. So the question is…why didn’t I think of the repercussions of such fun-filled-foolishness. OMG, I was aching from my tiny toe to my elbows.  Boy did we have a good time and a good laugh.  It’s a b_ _ _ h  getting old. 🙂  But now I know when my mind says yes and my body says no, I know which to listen to. 🙂 lol

Buttttt, while in bed, many thoughts, many ideas came to mind for my blog this year. One, I want to bring more attention to our Master Bedroom. Starting with our bed.  I love our bed and using luxury bedding is a must. Your bed signifies the end of a wonderful day and the start of a brand new day.  Oh how sweet it is.

Baby, it’s cold outside so I wanted the outside of our bed to look as cozy, warm and comfortable as it feels inside.  Everyone wants a warm bed to fall into. And what implies warmth like fur.  I pulled out some of my faux fur pillows, and faux fur fabric and got busy.


JoAnn’s was having a sale on this fur beauty. This fabric is called Hatchback faux fur. (don’t ask, don’t know) I liked the design. I purchased 1-1/4 yards.  The original price was $44.99 marked down to $26.99 a yard. Soft, high loft little to no shedding.

Decided on a body pillow…oh la la. A sexy fur body pillow….ok I’m feeling it. Super simple to make.

The cozy warm feeling was in the air. The body pillow and the center “big bear” fur pillow makes you want to get cozy and cuddle.  I added two smaller pillows with a touch of sparkle to anchor the sides and for a little variation.  The left over Hatchback fur I made a sleeve for the smaller fur lumbar.

Now for a little romance

The Love Life pillow purchased from ‘AtHome” without the trim for only $16.99. Nice low pile velvet with zipper closure and down insert.  No way would I have been able to make this for that price.  After bringing it home she received a fur trim to fit in fur-sure.  🙂 

Yes, it’s a lot of fur…not for all. I love the textures, variation and soft hues.  And no shedding. The snow leopard blanket I made a while back. See more here.  We love it all.

Hope you enjoyed.

Next time I’ll bring you inside to see all the new luxury bedding that makes a sound, warm and restful good night sleep!

Nighty-night….until morning, sleep tight.  OX

6 thoughts on “Faux Fur Pillows- Winter Masterbed Refresh

  1. Don’t know how this slipped past me .. I’m totally absolutely loving this.. especially the pillow… gorgeous!!

  2. Silly me, I replied to you but as a comment to myself. lol…How are you? So glad you stopped by. Thanks so much. How are your beautiful grands doing? These faux furs are so nice I want more, thinking of making a maxi robe. 🙂 we’ll see. Stay warm and cozy.

  3. You’re too funny, but I bet you were tearing up the dance floor. 💃I love the faux fur pillows! It gives your bed a comfortable luxurious look and feel. And you’ve been shopping at my favorite stores, which makes this even more fun to try. I love your style.. Happy New Year!

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