Fabric Fancy / DIY Floral Pillow

Sometimes I purchase fabric solely because it’s a good deal, too good to pass up. And yet I have no idea at that time of purchase what to do with it.  A very bad combination.  But I know we have all been there.  Seriously this was so very inexpensive I felt like running out of the store (after purchase) yelling for my husband to “START THE CAR!”  We have all seen that IKEA commercial right? lol.

$2 a yard! Purchased at Hobby Lobby on Clearance!!!

It’s by Richloom Fabric Group, a discontinued print from 2015. Contemporary Pattern Amelia.  Color Graffiti. 100% cotton.  Richloom Fabric is quality fabric and worth every penny.  This particular print can retail at $20.00+ a yard.   It’s colorful and bold to say the least. So if you love color, this certainly will satisfy. “Sooo, Linda what are you going to do with this fabulous fabric?”  Make a pillow of course!

Found a coordinating animal print fabric for the cord piping:


Also purchased at Hobby Lobby a fun pom-pom ball and bead tassel fringe that coordinates beautifully for the trim:


I applied the piping in the seam of the front and back.   

But If I applied the tassel trim in the same way in the seam as the piping, I would lose the beautiful braid.  So to come up with a solution,

I applied piping to the top side of the braid. 

Next, sewing the trim with the piping to the pillow next to the side seams. 

Now both sides of the tassel fringe has the animal print piping.  A nice illusion that its boxed with trim.

Loving the outcome. Fun, colorful with a soft combo down/poly pillow insert. Measures 26″ x 26″. Zipper back closing for easy removal.


For the smaller accent pillow I did not do the additional piping.   This smaller pillow measures 20″ X 12″. Back zipper closure. 

It pays to take a second look at clearance fabric. It had no fabric flaws and perfect for my budget.

Time for another fabric DIY project.  Thanks for stopping by

Sew, Create and enjoy Loving your Home.  



14 thoughts on “Fabric Fancy / DIY Floral Pillow

  1. Wow!!! Excellent pattern combination!! Animal print trim seems to be so versatile and gives the pillows FLAVOR!!!!

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