Going Green for Spring 2019/ Refreshing with Pillows

This year I’m using green accent pillows around the house to refresh and welcome Spring.

I was motivated to bring in more of the color green after viewing Angelic Interior Designs by Shenell  shown here on YouTube.  I have always loved green and have always used it in my home. But I’m adding more “soft surroundings” in this lush color green.  My reference to soft surroundings is my favorite décor idea which are pillows. “Never Enough Pillows”.

My office has taken on the guest bedroom tropical window curtains and pillows. The fabric is by Tommy Bahama Home called Palmiers Agate. 100% cotton/medium/heavyweight.  Retails for $19.90 a yard. Purchased 7 yards from Fabric.com.  I made simple rod pockets unlined because I love how the sun shines through the fabric.  The 2 over sized Euro pillows, face front print only and duck cloth for the back can also be used as floor cushions. The 21″ x 12″ lumbar has  jute tassel trim and zipper back closure.  Cute, Cute and so Tropical. 🙂


In our front room which I like to call my parlor lounge only because the name makes me feel special 🙂 I made lumbar pillows. This fabric is by Swaville Mill Creek, color pattern called Lime Patola.  Purchased from Hobby Lobby for $27.99 per yard. Beautiful fabric 69% rayon and 31% polyester. Love the texture and medium weight hand.

After cutting out the lumbars, I decided to add a little bling. So out came the gem stones and hot-fix applicator. (I just can’t leave well enough alone)

A little bling goes a long way.


I thought it woud be perfect to bring this color into our bedroom as well.  In the past I tried to paint a beautiful shade of green as an accent wall…but I’ll spare you the side aching laughs.  I am not a painter, and that’s all I’m going to say on that subject. ;-).  Moving along….

I started gathering ideas for the bedroom wishlist…..


and this beauty popped up for accent pillows.  My heart skipped a few beats! Just Gorgeous in my eyes. Yes, the package arrived safely.  🙂  The fabric has the look and feel of dupioni silk, but it’s polyester.  Keltic Clover 24″ throw pillow.  $59.99 purchased from Overstock.com

Well now, having one throw pillow on the bed is just not doable in my house so I had to either make or buy coordinating pillows. I went to Joann Fabrics and found this lovely fabric that has the texture of soft brushed velvet.

It’s by Richloom Studio Home Decor Fabric 57″ wide Avita Chive.  Marked down from $24.99 a yard to $9.00 a yard. Super soft to the hand. They also had trims on clearance for $1.00 a yard and decided to use a Greek Key design for the trim.

The best application for this trim is an inside border 3 inches from the outer edge and mitered corners.

First I marked 3″ from the edge of fabric and pinned the trim in place

To miter the corners was a process of folding the trim back onto itself at the 3″ mark. Then

pinning the outer corner(red pin) and folding the trim back onto itself again at a 90 degree angle, which formed the mitered corner.


When I came to the end of the trim, folding one end of the trim at a 90 degree angle. Then taking both ends and folding back under the trim.


Pin securely, light press the trim corners and stitch outer and inner trim edges onto fabric.  Because this fabric had a nap it’s recommended to use a needle board aka velvet pressing pad to not damage the soft velvet texture.  Each euro pillow measures 26″ with a envelope back closure.

The small accent pillow measures 15″x15″. Since I had a little left over trim it was just enough to make a smaller inset square and corners. Finished with two tassels for each corner.

I’m please with the outcome.

Earlier last year I came across this round pillow that has three details that I love. Smocking on the sides, a shirred front and tufted center in a beautiful velvet fabric. All of this for $15.00 purchased at Ross. I held onto it until the right time to display. 

Now the Master Bed has been refreshed with Green for Spring 

If you have the time please stop by YouTube to view the video on our casual-whimsy tablescape for Spring. Spring 2019 VideoThanks for stopping by……

Sew, create and enjoy loving your home

10 thoughts on “Going Green for Spring 2019/ Refreshing with Pillows

  1. Hi there, Oh that’s great. You are most welcome. I have always liked the Greek key trim but never used it. Went back and picked up more, a different color, while it was on sale for $1. a yard. Can’t beat that! Thanks so much for stopping by. Thanks again.

  2. Beautiful! Gorgeous pillows! I have that same fabric from Hob Lob and used it for ottoman cushions, I just love it! How clever to embellish the design on your lumbar pillow!

  3. Can I say green with envy!! Heeeeheeeheee… you know i always LOVE YOUR CREATIONS!!! excellent color of choice to welcome in the warm weather! I love the bedroom pillows!

  4. WOW — Linda your green handmade accents are beautiful♥♥ The bling is perfect to showcase on the pillow — thanks for showing how to work with the Greek key trim – I know I have some in my stash and I love pillows as much as you!

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