Summer Bedroom refresh with Yellow and White

It’s Summer and time to freshen up the bedroom in sunny yellow and white embroidered pillows.

Starting out with my favorite white ruffle duvet cover and shams.

Adding yellow silk embroidered euro pillows I made years ago. I purchased this fabric from a custom drapery and quilt workroom.  Can you believe it was less than $1.00 a yard.  Tip: If you are looking for designer fabric on a budget, Check out custom workrooms and inquire if they sell scrap/leftover designer fabric from their custom orders. But keep in mind they may not cut yardage so you may have to buy whatever amount is left on the bolt. Also you may not know the designer name or fiber content.  But sometimes it is left inside the bolt roll.  I lucked out because it was enough to make 3 euro size pillows.

I paired them with a pillow purchased from Stein Mart…again years ago from the Nina Campbell Collection called Paradiso. Just beautiful embroidery in my opinion.


Well y’know I could not stop there. To finish the pillow-scape I wanted a long lumbar and bed runner.  (I love bed runners) My weekly fabric shop/therapy led me to Joann’s and although I was not looking for yellow print fabric, it found me. Upholstery yellow and white with geometric circles. Perfect.  

I made a simple no thrills long lumbar and bed runner.

I really surprise myself on this one. No trims or contrast fabric.  Sometimes less is more. (but you did’nt hear that from me) 🙂

I love mixing patterns, textures and colors. Keeping yellow and white as the primary, all the pillows came together nicely. 

Which coordinated nicely with the tropical print draperies and canvas artwork.  Loving the new addition sunburst… one note on the sunburst wall mirror…. there are  so many styles to choose from but we opted for one that had a small mirror diameter and large frame. A textured golden antique finish compliments the lamps and hardware.


A cozy relaxed Summer bedroom.  ahhhh….time for a book and mimosa. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by….Enjoy your Summer

Sew, Create and Enjoy loving your home

10 thoughts on “Summer Bedroom refresh with Yellow and White

  1. We’ve been retired for 2 years! I have mixed feelings — happy not working — not happy being on a budget 🙂 — I’m glad you like my blog name! The last 5 years before retiring I purchased fabric to have on hand —

  2. My Sewful Retirement. Thanks so much. By the way, love your name. Me too. I use to not refresh our bedroom until my husband pointed out, do something nice for us too. That was years back and now I do both. But our bedroom more often. In our retirement years…I want to be the guest. 🙂 know what I mean lol…Thanks again.

  3. Seweverythingblog: Hit there, also I forgot to mention…not only was the intention for placing your luggage on the bed but for sitting, and a feet warmer, but I just love the coordinating look. 🙂 thanks again.

  4. I love the bedroom refresh! You have inspired me to create a new look of my own. I usually keep the same look, but it would be nice to mix things up a bit. Thank you for the inspiration. 😍

  5. :-)…thank you. Yes I’ve been asked before. Mainly they are used in hotels. Guest sometimes place their suitcases on the bed and it’s a way of protecting the white bedding.

  6. Lovely refresh of your bedroom! May I ask what is the purpose of a bed runner? I’ve always wondered and never found an answer. I love the look of bed runners.

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