Mi Casa Tu Casa Village Quilt Floor Cushion

Making a village quilt was such a fun project! Time consuming but fun! I was inspired to do a village quilt from two art pieces we have by Andrea BeLoff.  I love the feel of her art. Especially her tropical collection.

This one is called “Tropical Holiday”.

Imagine sitting at the window of your tropical island cottage, shutters open, just sitting, sipping tea and enjoying the sail boats at sea. Cute right?

Notice the neighboring cottage? 🙂

The next art by Andrea Beloff is called Island Sunset.

Imagine strolling along the wandering path in your tropical village as the sun is setting. (Pardon the glare)

My Lady has a parrot on her shoulder and carrying a basket of market goodies….and she’s barefoot too!!  Oh I Love her!   Too Too Cute!

Notice all the cottages on the hilltop?  This setting is what inspired me to do village quilt!

The village quilt has so many quilt block variations and patterns to choose from but I finally decided on a simple pattern and layout.  I purchased one pound of fabric remnants from a shop on Etsy called “House of Mami Wata”. Beautiful African print fabrics. Not one fabric remnant was duplicated which I requested because I wanted each cottage to have a different fabric print.

First I had to draw out a house with a chimney.  I used a paper piecing method for the top half of the house. This was the easiest method for me. Next step was to cut and sew the pieces for the front sides of the house and door.  Final step was to sew the top and bottom of the house together.  This house measured 4″w X 5″h. All the little cottages were made, sashings and the borders were applied.  It measured 45″ long by 36″ wide.  But…..after sewing the leopard print for the sashing I was NOT too pleased. I thought the leopard print was too much because I used it for the roof and doors too. Which made the cottages   blend instead of standing out in the forefront.  But hey…there is always a next time. So I continued on.  Sewing in the ditch was the quilting method used.  Unsatisfied and unfinished,  I hung it on the wall for a few weeks not sure if I was going to alter it.  “what to do…what to do….”

Just moments before taking it down to store away I decided to “Cut it smaller and make a floor cushion”…. At least this way my disappointment won’t be at eye level staring at me each time I walk into my studio, it will be a colorful floor accent :-). So I cut it down to a 28” square.

Now for the finishing touches. Y’know I had to get a little creatively funky by making trim out of yarn and ribbon. It was cheap and easy. $8 bucks.  

I finished her back with solid brown duck cloth and a zipper closure.

Mi Casa Tu Casa Village Quilt Floor Cushion.  Inspired…….

It’s colorful to say the least.  A little Island Bahamian (Bahama), Afrocentric prints,  Village Quilt cushion. I love the playfulness of the yarn and ribbon.

The left over yarn and ribbon was enough to make a exaggerated tassel book mark. 🙂

The yummy purple zebra print is a woven velvet pile heavy upholstered fabric which I will feature at another time.

As for now the floor cushion is working out well.  But I am anxious for a do over…soon to come.

Thanks for stopping by……………Until next time….sew, create and enjoy loving your home.

15 thoughts on “Mi Casa Tu Casa Village Quilt Floor Cushion

  1. If there is such a thing as a joyful pillow.. this is it. The vibrance of the fabrics, the meaning, and the entire details designed is exuberant.. but far your creations keeps getting better and better.

  2. Hi there Sewful Retirement: Thanks so much. So glad you like. Now that you say it I can see it better as a weaving style. Thanks. Love that your creative eye sees things in a new light. 🙂 Thanks again.

  3. Linda — your pillow is beautiful! the leopard print in the sashing gives it a fabric weave look with all the pops of color going in and out. I love your creativity with the yarn and ribbon ♥♥

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