The inspiration for black, white with jute all over AfroBoho Floor Cushion

I was sorting out my fabric scrap bag and found four prints in black and white. Not quite a yard of each and not sure what to make with them, back in the bag they went. Later same day, on Pinterest searching for studio wall art ideas I saw this picture…how is this for boho dreamy kick off your flip flops and stay awhile. 🙂  Look at the little doggie. too cute.   Looking at this picture I completely forgot about wall art ideas and focused on the floor rug or tiles which gave me an idea for a Bohemian inspired floor cushion. The black and white remnants would be perfect. 

Back in the bag I went and pulled out the remnants and a bag of jute. (Did I ever mention how much I love jute and I always have a zebra print on hand, my fav.)

I sketched out a design and started cutting.  I cut each of the four fabric prints 4″ wide X 14″ long. Using a 1/2″ seam allowance I made 4 squares measuring at 14″ x 14″.  Then at each connecting seam I applied jute cording with black thread for contrast.  My Sewful Retirement here on WordPress informed me of a couching foot for easier application when sewing on trims/cords. Can’t wait to start using it. Thank you My Sewful Retirement. (love her name)

As I am sewing and singing with music blasting I’m starting to feel that Boho Vibe..  (A nice poem to read in your spare time).  And my vision for a funky floor cushion was coming to light. I arranged the 4 squares around the zebra print, outlined each section with jute rope. The rope was too thick for machine stitching so I have to hand sew it on again with black thread for constrast.  I made jute medallions of different sizes to throw on for accents.  A canvas back with zipper closure completed the cushion.

Well this turned out to be an interesting zunky cushion…but I like it…… Bohemian, Afrocentric, Natural and somewhat Rustic.  It measures approx. 30″ x 30″.Some of the jute medallions have tiny wood beads. As well as the center. But I’ll have to change the center bead to a flat one.

I also used jute piping on the side seams and each rope is knotted where it meets the side seams.

Here’s a little Pillow Styling as seen on Instagram too. (lglovinghome)

So I must keep reminding myself to stay focus when on Pinterest, but my wandering eye went to a good place…this time. 🙂

Outdoor Flooring inspired an Outdoor Floor Cushion


Hey, I received a package today with more beautiful fabric…time to get busy…

Thanks for stopping by

Sew, create and enjoy loving your home.

7 thoughts on “The inspiration for black, white with jute all over AfroBoho Floor Cushion

  1. Hi there Tierney ..thanks so much. Yes I agree too loving this style…wish I could re-decorate our entire house..but it’s a not so easy task…but I’ll make a pillow or two.😊…thanks again

  2. I’m floored!!!! This pillow is top notch!! I’m tapping my fingers on the announcement of your decor line!!!!

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