Fall Decor – Bowls and Fillers

Seasonal decorating is exciting but can be a challenge at best with so many beautiful decorating options to choose from.  But here’s a simple option to consider. Large tray bowls or large fruit bowls and decorative fillers.  Bowls are one of my favorite decorating items. They come in so many design styles and sizes and can be very elaborate or basic it just depends on your desired style.  The few I have are very neutral and simple but I love the versatility in using them year round.  The key is… the decorative fillers.  And the fillers are endless. Truly.  Cost friendly fillers which can be replaced each season that is easy on your seasonal decorating budget.

Here’s a look-see at four tray bowls that I use throughout the year. This season the fillers are…you guessed it….Pumpkins. 🙂

Rattan Seagrass


Natural wood

Red Bamboo


As far as the pumpkin fillers….I shopped discount stores that had tons in different shapes, sizes, quantity.  All the pumpkins I purchased were on sale 50-70% off on Fall seasonal décor.

The Rattan Seagrass I filled with one orange pumpkin and decorative balls

Placed on the patio bistro table

The natural wood was filled with ivory pumpkins

Placed on the breakfast table

The red bamboo was filled with green pumpkins

Placed on the coffee table

The silver was filled with a mixture of orange ivory and green pumpkins and gourds

Placed on the kitchen island bar

Simple, easy, minimal time and effort.  Considering the bowls are placed in different areas of our home it’s not a pumpkin overload just a nice way to welcome Fall.



So if you are like me with a decorating budget and want a touch of seasonal décor consider my no-nonsense approach to Fall decorating….. get a bag of pumpkins and dump them in a bowl   🙂  🙂  🙂  I crack myself up

Hey…Thanks for stopping by..if you have time check me out on Instagram.. @lglovinghome  Bye for now…….

Sew, create and enjoy loving your home

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