Decorating with mirror panels – Simple changes

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Recently I created a style/board for a dream cocktail parlor shown here  that featured a beautiful large wall mirror. This caused me to re-visit other décor possibilities for the wall of our cocktail parlor.   Although I love large wall mirrors I could not use one because we have a bar cabinet centered on that wall.  The wall décor was a dilemma from the start of the re-do in November until now.  And moving the furniture layout, painting and wall paper was out of the question.  Finally I downloaded the room image onto under their “design dilemma Q and A” board and asked other decorators as well.  I received great suggestions.  But only one suggestion really made sense…

“Since your wall art seems to be unbalanced,  why not use one mirror for each side of the cabinet”

Eureka! Never even considered it!

I went with two mirror wall panels. Placing one on each side of the bar cabinet.   So many pretty ones to choose from and their prices range very high to reasonable, from elaborate designs to basic….  I really could not make up my mind so Ms. Pocket Purse decided for me.    🙂

The winner: the home décor superstore:   AtHome Barnwood Panel for $79.99  

The design was not too busy and the brown wood inlay coordinated with my furnishings.  The perfect size, nice weight and thickness, made well with sturdy wall hooks. And the right price.

To prepare the room the changes were made:  Replacing, moving, decluttering.  Really simple changes with a big impact.


Although the mirror panels has a black frame, the texture has brown accents that pick up the wood tones. 

I did not want a lot of mirror bling, just the right amount to reflect the mood lighting in the evening. 

Up lights on timers creates a nice ambiance.  

I may have sconces installed on this wall, still debating.

 Never considered mirror wall panels before but so glad it came to be.

My decision for mirror panels did not come from but they have great resources.  If you ever have a decorating design dilemma check out .  They have interior designers and decorators (some not) who take the time to help with valid suggestions.  Go to  click Stories and Advice then scroll to Design Dilemma .

Cheers to mirror reflections.

Enjoy the rest of your week-end and have a wonderful week

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A Dream Room Inspired

How do you refer to the rooms of your home?  We love to style and design rooms, name them specifically for the feeling and purpose we want to convey.  I’m guilty of this.   She Shed, Salon, Dressing Room, Man Cave, Wine Cellar, Library, Meditation room….etc…etc…

Last week  a home furnishings company contacted me to see if I would be interested in connecting with them on a project creating a style/mood board of what my dream Living Room would be.   I expressed,  “I remodeled my Living room into a Cocktail Parlor in November 2016”.   However, we all have more than one dream, right?  After visiting seeing their beautiful home furnishings I was delighted to create a

“Arhaus at home”  Dream Parlor.

Styled for relaxing conversations while sipping evening cocktails.

From it’s tromped wallpaper to exquisite art.  The masterpiece hand carved mahogany console.  The vintage heirloom hand-knotted wool rug. The plush sheepskin fur pillows. 100% Linen lined floor to ceiling draperies.  A 40″ diameter hand crafted iron mirror.  Feast your eyes up to a beautiful antique gold Acanthus leaf swag chandelier.  And to enjoy it all as you soothe your soul relaxing in a vintage chenille luxuriously soft arm-chair.  Style the hand-forged French designed iron bar cart your way with vintage tumblers and mirror trays. OMG… Need I go on.

  I was in dream heaven viewing their unique high-end works of art.

Please take a moment and visit  you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you Molly Kay of for recognizing and wanting me to be apart of your project.

I greatly enjoyed it.

Having a dream room, cocktail parlor styled as the one above would be a dream come true.


Cheers to making your very own dream room a reality!!

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Check out my Pinterest page on Parlors for more creative decorating ideas.

Fall Basket Décor and Collections

Hey there.  Happy Monday!

I have a few questions for you.  How many collections do you have?  Do you know how many items are in each of your collections?  Are your collections solely decorative or do they serve a function, a purpose?  Gotcha thinking?  Well I had to stop and ask myself the same questions in the midst of shopping for yet another basket.  I love baskets and have a collection of them.  Each basket serves a function on its own.  None are used for multi purposes which means the basket collection keeps growing because I seldom revisit their purpose.

I asked myself  if  I already had a basket that could be use for a Fall arrangement.  Long story short…..I did not surrender to the urge to buy, I came home empty-handed.  I went thru my home,  pulled out every basket to see what if any provisions could be made.  After getting totally frustrated trying to brainstorm which baskets I would combine and which one to select for a Fall arrangement, I gave up and called that very same store to ask the sales person to put that very same basket I was considering on hold because I was on my way to purchase it.  Now my other baskets are back where they started and will continue with their intended purpose.  Sometimes ya just gotta leave things as they are.  Too funny!  Haven’t we all been there!

The basket that caused me to question my collection and buying practice:  Kirklands Woven Crescent Basket  woven-crescent-basketFirst I must say, I love this basket.  Very easy to carry and makes a nice visual accent different from other round, drum or square-shaped baskets.  So far I have used it for many things.  This will be thee one basket to keep without a designated purpose.

I went to a few stores during their Fall sale and loaded up on items.  Joann’s, Hobby Lobby and Michaels

 img_0044falldecor img_0050burlapribbon img_0046fallflowers

Before I did the Fall arrangement which this basket was intended for, I wanted to give the cabana/patio bath a little seasonal décor.  I filled the basket with Fall color bath towels and made a small swag to tie on the side of the handle.

 0060fallbasketswag  0061fallshower

A Fall Bath Towel Basket:  Something simple but gave a neutral bathroom a pop of seasonal colors   0083fallguesttowelbasket

Now with an empty basket I continued on to do the Fall arrangement.  My inspiration came from seeing these beautifully designed basketsinspirationfallviapinterestUsing the rest of the items, foam, moss and glue gun the basket is now complete0102fallcrescentbasket   I placed it on the floor in the Morning/Sun Room0111fallcrescentbasketBut on the console table in front of the window and with my Fox throw for cozy reading sets a welcoming ambiance for Fall.   0125fallcrescentbasketGiving two of the flowers a little bling to coordinate with the burlap ribbon I used the flat back appliques purchased from  I used these appliques to also create candle rings for Christmas shown here.     0103flatbackcrystalappliques

This completes my Fall Décor for this year.  By establishing what designers call “seasonal décor hot spots”

  1. The dining room centerpiece and sideboard accents shown here9972fallcenterpiece2016
  2. The breakfast table centerpiece shown here 1a-fallcenterpiecebreakfasttable32015
  3. The morning/sun room console table  0125fallcrescentbasket
  4. The front of the house.  Either a flower-pot arrangement or wreaths     0134fallplanter
  5. The Garden bed in the back yard with just a seasonal flower or two  0069fallfountain

I was able to stay on target and focus without going overboard.  It’s very easy to get overwhelmed with so many beautiful things to choose from to decorate your home.   These five areas will make it possible to add nice small touches to welcome each season and holiday without disrupting the overall décor of my home.  Do you have seasonal décor hot spots?   Many thanks go to AtHomeWithNikki  on YouTube  with tips on Seasonal Décor Organization.  

Until next time…..0131fallcrescentbasket Choose your Season, Spot your area, Decorate it and Enjoy!    🙂 Thanks for stopping by   fallfrontbackgardensignature

Vanity Chair Trash to Treasure

Early one morning  just before sunrise my husband was out walking the dogs with his LED cap light on.  As he passes a home, in the driveway he spots a torn/broken upholstered vanity chair left for trash pickup.  He decided to give it a second look. “Hmmm”, he thinks, “this looks like solid wood in pretty good condition,  I know my wife could probably do something with this”!  So with both dogs on leashes in one hand,  and a vanity chair in the other hand, he walks at least a mile back home.

I must say I was very surprised by this gesture because my hubby is not a bargain hunter by any means.  Me on the other hand…. I’ll shop hours to save a dollar.  Although I was not in the market for a new vanity stool,  I was most appreciative and took on the challenge of putting her back together.

After all the upholstery and foam was completely removed and stripped down to the wood: VanitystoolbeforeHubby fixed the broken leg, sand and stained the wood base and legs: vanitywoodstainedI purchased foam for the seat cushion and back; seatcushion

For the cover I wanted fur.  Purchased 1 yard of  Winter White Luxury Faux Fur from    I am so pleased with this faux fur.  No shedding, long pile and supper soft.

A special thanks to Kathy from for referring me to Stylish Fabric.  FauxFurI wanted to make the cushion softer, to sink into when I sit.   So I placed a high density feather down pillow on top of the foam cushion, then covered and attached the faux fur.  I love how it turned out. Super soft yet sturdy.   I’m not one that likes to do upholstery projects,  but this was a simple project using an electric staple gun.  One other thing I added was this lovely tie back tassel, I enhanced it with a strand of crystal round beads and then attached it between the seat cushion and the back.  9VanityStool

TasselonvanitystoolFor a total of $54.00 for a swivel fur vanity stool with a feather down seat, is not such a bad deal.  I may paint the legs a different color. Don’t know yet, I’ll have to live with it for a few more days to decide. Here is the back view:8940Vanitystoolback


From trash to treasure.  Thanks to hubbyVanityStoolBeforeAfter ……. I’m sitting pretty!


Thanks for stopping by.  Remember it pays to give things a second look, cause ya just never know. 🙂

Check out for great buys on a variety of faux fur!

Enjoy your week-end!IMG_9091vanitychairsignature


Bamboo for the Foyer

Certain words have an effect on my creative imagination.  When I hear the word bamboo I always imagine myself on an exotic island, sitting barefoot in the sand wildly beating drums between my legs while my hair is flying in the wind! Just having a  good time.  Crazy right?  (yeah I know)onthebeachplayingdrums!!! Wake up Linda…Back to reality:

In my approach to minimizing, decluttering and purging, (tiny house living frame of mine) after a total clean out of closets it was time to focus on the rooms.   I started with our foyer. Long and narrow 7ft x 14ft.  I moved out the console table, side chair, art work and floor plant (forgot to take before pic.)  now that the foyer is empty, Ok, so now what?   I viewed many pics from Pinterest and selected my favorites: Minimalistentryway I love the open simplicity, large plants and small chair/ottomans in these pictures.   Since I’ve always loved bamboo in home décor designs and to get the feel of the pictures above, we moved our 7ft tall bamboo poles from the family room into the foyer and  inserted 3 bamboo leaf stalks to the natural bamboo poles. This one element replaced four.  A table, chair, wall art and small plant, all on that one wall space. BambooFoyerThe foyer is open and the poles definitely make a bold statement when entering the front.  After living with this for a few weeks we don’t miss the console table at all.  And the small storage ottoman placed closer to the door is really all that is needed for sitting to remove and store shoes.  This makes it visually appealing not having to see shoes in the front entryway.  The bamboo leaf stalks were purchased from    8099bamboopoles                                                 The bamboo art piece in the forefront shown here in an earlier post


In the evening the base has an up-light my husband created which gives more drama. nightbamboo

I know this may not be a choice for many or bamboo poles may not be a design style for some but this can be an option to open a foyer if function is not the priority.    My purging opened the opportunity to arrange an accent piece differently than I would have normally.   The table, side chair and tabletop pieces were donated to Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity.  An overall feeling of accomplishment.

8236bamboofoyer5  Bamboofoyer1234

I think Buddy likes it too.

To humor my silly imagination I could not resist doing this video on Bamboo….. Hope you enjoy.

See ya on the next purge!





Copy Cat Coffee Table Vignette

It’s raining and I’m missing my daughter and grands. The car is in the shop, stuck indoors, pockets empty, bored, and no inspiration.  Remembering the words of my niece pertaining to a earlier project gone wild…

“Snap out of it”  🙂

With that being said…With feet propped on my coffee table looking at the rain, 😦   a “light bulb moment”,  it was time for a coffee table-top revision.  I clicked on   searched coffee table vignettes and saw this:

What I love:

  • The bold color of the tulips in the silver vase
  • Mixed metals of silver and gold
  • Zebra print chairs in the background
  • The royal blue book covers accents

I don’t have any of these items as you see here, but with a little imagination with what I do have, maybe I can create somewhat of the same design feel.

Copy Cat Coffee Table Copy Cat Coffee Table2

Improvising with what I have turned out to be a fun afternoon.  A little pick-me-up change was needed for the coffee table…and me   So with the words of Cher in Moonstruck…as my niece quoted…

“Snap out of it” which did good for me today… to be a Copy Cat.

 Until next time….be creative and enjoy loving your home.

Thanks Sweetie! (you know who you are :-))
For creative inspiration go to


Bamboo a great Friday find

One art form that I am most passionate about is bamboo. The natural element of bamboo for me is above all else. But once again, either you love it or not.  From time to time I would love to show you all the different creative ways bamboo is brought into home design. From landscaping to flooring to art.  Today, I want to show you a great Friday find, a steal of a deal.  We went to Garden Ridge, a favorite home and garden warehouse we shop at from time to time.  After getting what we went for….you know the deal, you mosey around just to have a look-see. Tucked in the back of floor vases and candlesticks my husband spotted this….

IMG_4430 IMG_4433

we looked at each other…”that’s bamboo…interesting”.  28″‘ high x 24″ wide.  It was dusty, the bamboo was loose on the tracks, it wobbled, the bottom feet were coming off, lets just say…it had potential.  Of course no price tag!  We waited 15 minutes at the register (standing on the sideline 😦  ) for a price check.  Since it was the only one in the store they gave us a price for $14.00!! Deal!

We really didn’t know what we were going to do with it but after my hubby dismantled it and gave it a new life, we think it turned out beautiful!  IMG_4489Bambooart2He purchased a wood planter and stained it. Gave it gold feet. Cleaned and waxed the bamboo. made the structure strong and secure. Attached it inside the wooded box. Gave it finials. An up-light, that’s on a timer and black river rocks.  Creatively interesting.


IMG_4481Bambooart4  IMG_4479Bambooart5

Well done, my dear, well done!  It fits perfectly in the foyer on the half wall.

More bamboo to come.  Sometimes gems don’t shine at first sight. TLC goes a long way. CollageBambooArtBA2Until next time….

Sew (or not), create and enjoy loving your home.   🙂 Have a wonderful week-end!

Check out for more beautiful designs in Bamboo.