Raggedy Ann inspired

Remember Raggedy Ann?  I loved Raggedy Ann & Andy, with the bright red rope hair and poppy eyes.  🙂  Too cute!  Well, in the midst of editing and cleaning out, I came across a bag of yarn I was about to throw out or give to GoodWill.  (I have to eat my words because I told my niece, not too long ago, I was never going to throw anything out again!…Never know when you might need something. But the Tiny House Movement has put me in a minimalist frame of mind). Anyhoo,  when I saw this bag of yarn, Raggedy Ann came to mind.  What fun would this be to make something with this yarn.  Doll maker I’m not but pillow maker I am!

With remnant fabric left over from a earlier project and a spool of bright yellow yarn, the dreary weather outside…Well, hey Raggedy Ann inspired me to bring In the Sun!  IMG_4240RagPillow2 IMG_4195RagPillow4 IMG_4191Ragpillow5   IMG_4208RagPillow7 IMG_4211RagPillow6

Ruffle Large Lumbar

Ruffle Large Lumbar

The ruffle pillow and bed scarf I made earlier. Decided to bring it out and feature with the Rag Pillow.

Have extra yarn and a little time…Let Raggedy Ann inspire you.   🙂 Thanks for stopping by.  signature71tV-kuGCeL__SL1001_rp10

Here’s the tutorial.





Indian Paisley Bed runner and pillow

This particular fabric by Kravet is titled Latika Festival.

001 LATFES_3z It’s a Damask fabric,  an Indian Paisley print made of 100% linen.  It can run up to $30.00 a yard. You have seen it in many design applications I’m sure. From draperies, pillows, upholstery to bedding.  I think it’s a gorgeous print. The only way I can describe it in “my” dictionary of design terms is having a bold print, soft undertones with an ethnic vibe. Granted not for all, but appreciated.LatikaPaisleyVia

  At my favorite place (my secret fabric warehouse), I spotted this very fabric.   I was able to get 3- 1/2 yards at, get this…..$28.00 total!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Regular price for “One” yard is $30+.  I rolled it out for inspection, because I could not believe this price for designer 100% linen.  NO flaws!!!!  I took all that was there, only 3 -1/2 yds left on the bolt. Talk about right place at the right time.

So, ok, Ms. Linda now whatcha going do with it?  That was the question.  A runner came to mind.  But it stayed tucked away for a while until I found coordinating fabrics.  ColorsPRP203 IMG_2177 03a IMG_2178

I had this linen like fabric with a raised swirl design in my stash that I purchased from Hobby Lobby,  so I decided to use that.  Long story short, with my love to mix it up I combined these fabrics with an exotic animal print (my staple fabric), tassel fringe and lip cord.  I chose a solid red for the back by Tommy Bahama called  Kalapana which retails $24.98 a yard, on clearance for $4.00 a yard!  Another great bargain.

02 IMG_2176 OverviewIndianPaisley

After a rough draft drawing, measuring and cutting fabric pieces,  I got to work.   After the completion I gathered some accessories and…….displayed it in my morning-sun room draped over the ottoman.  14 2510PRP

This room is very laid back, always changing.  Pillows on the floor, one big cozy comfy chair and ottoman,  nothing remotely formal.  And with the sun beaming thru the windows makes it all the more relaxing. 18 IndianPaisley

The Quan Yin Buddhist seemed to be appropriate for this Indian Paisley Runner.

17 IMG_2474Paisleypillow

With the rest of the fabric I was able to make a 25″ square decorative pillow, and two euro shams with envelope closure.   This way I have the option to use the runner in the guest bedroom with the coordinating pillows.

3573euro IMG_3575eurobedding

Well that’s my take on this Latika Festival fabric. I hope I’ve done it justice…..Back to the drawing board I just spotted another gorgeous print…………Until the next post….sew, create and enjoy loving your home.

Thanks for stopping by……..

(2016 Note: In 2016 Quan Yin Buddhist,  Scarf panel, White Drapery Panel, African wood head masks was donated to GoodWill)

Soft and Cozy Faux Fur


Courtesy of Pinterest

Mr. snowman must have made it down to FL. and brought some of the cold weather with him.  🙂  Although it’s Florida it can get a bit too chilly for me.   So it’s time to bring out the blankets!!  Can you believe we only have one blanket that actually fits our bed!!! AfghanFor our wedding gift 30yrs ago my Mom made us this oversized king afghan.  I love it and bring it out during the cold months. It looks just as beautiful today as it did the day we received it.  But this year I wanted a little more warmth!   Thank God for the inventors, designers and creators of warm, soft and cozy faux fur fabrics!  Looking for one large enough 90″ x 120″ was waaaayyyy out of my budget.  And the faux fur throws I see in the stores  were just not big enough…..hmmm……JoAnns was having a sale!!!! YAY!

IMG_2959 IMG_2958

13554043Fauxfursnowleopard 33.99 @40percentoff

Silver fox faux fur $34.99 on sale at 50% off for $17.50 a yard

In order to stay in my budget, I was able to get 3 yards of the softest, high-loft-pile faux fur they had. This fabric was actually 66″wide!


See my hand print. It’s sooooo soft!

and 3 yards of a soft and cozy fabric (not fleece).

Seriously folks this was the simplest thing I have ever sewn.


After cutting the edges straight on the wrong side of the faux fur. The selvage edge was straight. The cut edge needed to be straightened.  I put rights sides together, faux fur and the soft and cozy then sewed all 4 side seams.  Leaving approx. 20″ open on one side to turn.  Hand sewed the opening closed. Popped it in the washer and dryer. (hint: drying  a high loft fabric I recommend drying with 2 tennis balls and a bonce dryer sheet. It maintains the soft pile and loft, I do this with my down comforter too).  Total cost: $80.00 within my $100 budget. IMG_3047FFB

  IMG_2974FFbedscarf  IMG_2971FFBT  IMG_3049FFbedscarf

Two fabrics, four seams!  The finished size was 64″ by 106″. Not quite the size I wanted (90 x 120) but perfect for our bed with a nice side drop.  My bedding is ready for the cold. Between the jersey sheets, afghan, down comforter and faux fur bed throw….OMG… I feel the hot flash coming… Staying warm…I guess that’s why we live in Florida.  Stay warm my friends…don’t let that cold bug catch you. Stay warm, soft and cozy with a little faux fur.

Until next time, If you can’t find it within your budget….sew and create it,  and enjoy loving your home! 🙂 see ya!

Exotic Sentiments

Going to the fabric warehouse is a very disciplined undertaking for me.  But I’m weak when it comes to buying fabric. Especially the fabric remnants! I went in to purchase the rest of the fabrics  needed for another project.  So this purchase was a total impulse reaction.  Tommy Bahama Fabric on clearance for $4 a yard. Usually sales for $12++ a yard.  I only purchased 1-1/2 yards because I had no idea what I would do with it. But I was drawn to it.  That night while sewing (another project)  I was watching Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown. This episode he travels to Tanzania for an African safari adventure.  My question was solved….inspiration found….The Tommy Bahama Bahamian Breeze Fabric united with Exotic Wild Animal prints!!  (Silly me)

TommyBahamaFabric TommyBahamaFabric

The fringe was also in the remnant bin and it complimented the Tommy Bahama Print. The soft suede cheetah print I already had. Since it was only a small amount of TB fabric, pillows was the best choice. I decided to make left and right banded pillow covers with contrast lining.

TBPillowcase  IMG_2218

Of course I could not stop there with only pillow covers,  I still had fabric left!  The rest of the cheetah print I made into a valance with the Tommy Bahama fabric as a contrast band and ascot. Also, tie backs for the mock canopy.  The fringe was used on the lamp shades.  My excuse to change the décor:  This seems more accommodating for the colder months ahead, with warmer natural hues.  00a IMG_2339ExoticSentiments

This was the before: From Bohemian Playfulness to Exotic Sentiments:   Bohmenian to ExoticThe changes made:

  1. Pillows, Bolster and Bed Scarf
  2. Window Treatment Valance
  3. Canopy and tie backs
  4. Added glass top and table skirt to side table
  5. Vignettes modified on bedside tables
  6. Lamps and pictures
  7. Added chair under window
  8. Crystal Pull cords for fan
  9. Faux fur bedside rug
  10. Bamboo silk plant in corner

02a IMG_2286  04 IMG_2315  03a IMG_2363EXS  05 IMG_2375EXS

  06c IMG_2347EXS  IMG_2386EXS

To think it started with 1-1/2 yards of  $4 clearance fabric.  Most of all, I went shopping around the house, garage and closets.   Here is the tutorial on the pillow cover.  Click to enlarge.  The bolster and coordinating bed scarf was made years ago, so a tutorial on the bolster I’ll have to do, soon to come. PillowCoverContrast

Here are the other colors in the same Tommy Bahama print found on Fabric.com

Bahamain BreezeTeal BahamianBreezeBlack BahamianBreezeBlue Bahamian Breeze Red Bahamian Breeze brown


Now then; I guess I can get back to the project I was doing before all of this impulse got the best of me.

Cozy up for the chill and why not try some exotic sentiments here and there while you sew, create and enjoy loving your home.  See ya soon.

Check out Fabric.com for beautiful fabrics and Houzz.com for creative inspiration.


Tropical Bed Scarf and Neckroll


This past week-end was wet and rainy so I deemed myself house bound which gave me the opportunity to finally finish my bed scarf and accent neck roll.   A while back The Marriott Beach Resort had a liquidation sale because of renovations.  We purchased 4 drapery panels in perfect condition. Had them dry cleaned. The lining was a little faded from the sun so I replaced the lining, but other than that the draperies were perfect.   This tropical print is an exclusive screen print by F Schumacher for Marriott.  Many times fabric designers make exclusives for the trade industry.  FSchumacher designer fabrics could run upwards of $50++ a yard.  So I knew I would never have been able to purchase two sets of 95″ floor length, pinch pleated lined, trimmed, designer draperies for….get this $80.

TropicalDraperies2                           Tropicaldraperies

The width of each panel was wide enough that I was able to make two side panels out of one panel for the bedroom patio doors.  The other panel I was able to use for a bed scarf, 2 pillow shams, and 2 Euro pillows. I also used 2  accent fabrics. Tropicalbedscarfnk2a

The bed scarf needed additional fabrics and notions as well:  The bed scarf measures 118″L x 45″W. I wanted it oversized and the fleece back makes it nice and cozy for my toesies. :-). Here’s what I used for the bed scarf.

  1.  One of the drapery panel. Cut to desired measurement.
  2. A red twin fleece blanket purchased from WalMart which is the back and bottom.
  3. A red twin size flat sheet purchased from Walmart, which is the first red inset
  4. Interlining already had
  5. 8″ bullion fringe  purchased on sale from a Fabric Warehouse.

The Neck roll is made from the left over accent fabric I used to make the reversible back of the pillow-case shams and euro pillows. The red silk fabric on the ends of the pillow-case shames is also used as a band on the end of the neck roll.   Neck roll measures 18″L x 8″diameterTropicalNeckroll204 IMG_0878

IMG_0636 (640x400)  IMG_0798 IMG_0796  IMG_0792 IMG_0794

The Neck roll confetti crocheted fringe is playful and I used oversized 2″ button/pins for the tufted ends.  And inserted a lap application zipper for ease removal. The Center Euro pillows has welt piping and invisible zipper.

Over all the tropical bedding set is done. TropicalBedding1

Tropicalneckroll Tropicalbedscarf  Tropicaltabletopper

Can you tell I like …….Red!  If you ever see draperies and love them but can not find bedding to coordinate with them, Just buy an additional drapery panel and make pillows and a bed scarf.  I always keep my down comforter duvet cover white and my sheers white. This way when ever I feel the desire for a change, it’s easier on my budget because I don’t have to purchase a full comforter or duvet cover.   On to the  next project…. Sew, create and enjoy your home!


Check out  fabric.com  for beautiful fabric selections and  Houzz.com  for more creative ideas.


Bohemian Bed Scarf

A Bed Scarf.  One of my favorite things to sew and create. This one is in my Bohemian designed guest room.

Bohemianbedscarf Bohemianbedscarff Bohemianbedscarfr bohemianbedscraffy

This bed scarf fits a queen size bed and is 24″wide.  The fringe is made with yarn picking up all the colors of the cotton fabric. I chose a completely different print for the reverse side, smaller in width so the top fabric shows as a trim when flipped over to the reverse side. The inter-lining is basic soft batting used for quilts.  The Fringe is 12″ long and very, very full. I used 2-1/2 packages of yarn per side. So that is has a nice weight.  A perfect finishing touch for a Bohemian Bedroom.  This bedroom is also featured on http://www.Houzz.com search Bohemian Bedroom Home Design Photos.Bohemianbedroombs2

Visit http://www.fabric.com for beautiful fabric selections.

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