Christmas Holiday Smoothie

It’s a Beautiful Day for a Christmas Holiday Smoothie

I love smoothies.  I have them practically everyday and love to experiment with different recipes.  Although this is not an official “Christmas recipe” it can certainly be enjoyed all year.

May I introduce you to:   “My” Christmas Holiday Smoothie: 1 cup frozen strawberries

1/2 cup whole cranberries

1 large banana

1-1/2 cups orange juice

3-4  tablespoons of honey (or your desired sweetness)

Blend,  puree’.   Makes approx. 5 full cups.   I prefer not using ice in my smoothies.

Since the weather was so nice,  a little balmy with a light breeze I just had to enjoy my smoothie outdoors in my happy place.  I wanted to make it relaxing and cozy.

I first brought out the faux fur pillows then gathered a few magazines.

But the hopeless romantic whispered in my ear and… oh dear……

…create a cozy bedroom outdoors ………..

..the lamp you see…  a vintage beauty….to surround yourself with what you love is the key… 

Oh Yes, I stayed here all day without guilt nestled under the tree…….

What a Beautiful Day………….. for a Christmas Smoothie…don’t you agree?

Evening was calling……time to come indoors.  What a shame to end a day without worries or care

just when you feel as if you’re floating on air………..

Enjoy your day…….Make a Smoothie…..a Christmas Holiday Smoothie….

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Bamboo for the Foyer

Certain words have an effect on my creative imagination.  When I hear the word bamboo I always imagine myself on an exotic island, sitting barefoot in the sand wildly beating drums between my legs while my hair is flying in the wind! Just having a  good time.  Crazy right?  (yeah I know)onthebeachplayingdrums!!! Wake up Linda…Back to reality:

In my approach to minimizing, decluttering and purging, (tiny house living frame of mine) after a total clean out of closets it was time to focus on the rooms.   I started with our foyer. Long and narrow 7ft x 14ft.  I moved out the console table, side chair, art work and floor plant (forgot to take before pic.)  now that the foyer is empty, Ok, so now what?   I viewed many pics from Pinterest and selected my favorites: Minimalistentryway I love the open simplicity, large plants and small chair/ottomans in these pictures.   Since I’ve always loved bamboo in home décor designs and to get the feel of the pictures above, we moved our 7ft tall bamboo poles from the family room into the foyer and  inserted 3 bamboo leaf stalks to the natural bamboo poles. This one element replaced four.  A table, chair, wall art and small plant, all on that one wall space. BambooFoyerThe foyer is open and the poles definitely make a bold statement when entering the front.  After living with this for a few weeks we don’t miss the console table at all.  And the small storage ottoman placed closer to the door is really all that is needed for sitting to remove and store shoes.  This makes it visually appealing not having to see shoes in the front entryway.  The bamboo leaf stalks were purchased from    8099bamboopoles                                                 The bamboo art piece in the forefront shown here in an earlier post


In the evening the base has an up-light my husband created which gives more drama. nightbamboo

I know this may not be a choice for many or bamboo poles may not be a design style for some but this can be an option to open a foyer if function is not the priority.    My purging opened the opportunity to arrange an accent piece differently than I would have normally.   The table, side chair and tabletop pieces were donated to Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity.  An overall feeling of accomplishment.

8236bamboofoyer5  Bamboofoyer1234

I think Buddy likes it too

See ya on the next purge!