Favorite Buys for 2017- “Versatile” Decor Items

After reading a post published by Shelly of  ConfettiStyle.com “The 5 Most Versatile Decorative Accessories you can own”  It was so informative and could not agree more!

This year I tried to buy smart by curving my décor impulse shopping. My motto use to be “something comes in, something goes out” but even that has changed.  Which caused me to define what decorative items I can get the most out of.  Versatility is the key when using the same base items for seasonal and holiday décor with minimal cost to change-up the look.  A tall task for someone who loves to change and refresh décor items.  Why am I limiting my items?  Well for two reasons, downsizing and the limited storage space downsizing will present.

Here are my favorite investment items purchased this year 2017 that really cost me pennies. (Happy, happy, joy, joy) The cost compared to the versatility is priceless.  BTW: I love silver accents……

The Silver platter:  A Goodwill great find in April 2017 for $2.99!!  It had a few scratches on the flat plate but other than that it was in perfect condition. 17″ x 24″ .  I have used this platter/tray time and time again.   First appeared on “Seashell Wind Chime”   I love the fluted edge, and drop plate bed.

Now it’s used to hold our Fall Table centerpiece 

Braemore Jamil Pillows:  Really???  Pillows on the list.  Yes indeed.  These velvet Leopard Print pillows coordinates with “any décor”. In June, I purchased 1 yard of fabric for $39.99 and made two pillows.  They have been in every room of the house any time I want a quick refresh.  First appeared in “Braemore Jamil Leopard Print…ohhh La La”   Two more are in the makings.

Hurricane Vase:   I’ve had one for a few years.  First appeared in “Fall Centerpiece“.   The filler ideas are endless; from decorative orbs to candy, soaps, beans, shells, fruit..etc, etc, etc.

Decided to purchase another one this year.   She’s a little smaller with a silver base. 8″ x 12″.  Cost: $12.99. – HomeGoods.  Was on my desk , now she’s sitting outside enjoying the sun: 

Candle Holders:  What can I say:  I’m a collector/hoarder/ of candlesticks second to pillows.  Most are for specific vignettes that I don’t change.  But these beauties have been up, down, outside, inside and all around the house wherever and whenever I need a quick change.  First appeared in “Sweet Sensations”.   Goodwill – $7.00 for a set of two. 12″ and 10″ Tall.The second pair is mirror candleholders…The absolute best for table settings…I can peek at myself while eating to make sure my table etiquette is up to par. 🙂   Also great for small space decorating. Guest room bedside tables. Entry tables if there is no wall mirror. Bookshelves…oh the possibilities.   Burlington – $14.99 for the small 12″ and $16.99 for the larger 15″

Tier Server:  Formal, informal.  Elegance to Casual.  For any room of the house, I guarantee you can use a tier server tray.  This is the second tier server ever purchased. My first is copper shown here which sits (and will never be removed) on the bar counter, which I love.  But this baby is in my favorite metal Silver.  Overstock – $93.00 – 28″ tall.  I gladly paid. Well worth it for the quality.  And to think it coordinates with the fluted edge silver tray.  Oh I’ve got good-n-plenty plans for her!

Silver Bowl: Right now it is all dressed for Fall but oh the possibilities for Seasons and Holidays to come. Goodwill – $6.99  15″ diameter.

A Crystal Vase: I did not buy this vase this year, I’ve had it for years. A beautiful fresh flower vase is a must on the list.  I’d say three. a bud vase, a small and large. Ya never know when a surprise fresh-cut of gorgeous flowers may come your way.  Priceless 🙂

Yeah, I’m a silver gal. These pieces are so versatile and overall cost pennies.  Storage is not an issue because they will always be out.  Downsizing is no joke. My tinier house dreams will soon become a reality. And I want to be ready and waiting with key décor pieces.  I have never been this disciplined in my life!!!!!! (Proud Momma)  I’m anxious to see how I will continue to use these same pieces for holidays and seasons to come.  It will be interesting. Hope you stop back by and peek at the changes.

Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy your week-end!


Halloween Fun

While listening to two of my oldie but goodie favorites:

Nina Simon singing  “I put a spell on you” and Eartha Kitt singing “I want to be evil” ….I had to chuckle and it made me think of Halloween.  It’s time for a little Halloween fun just for the heck of it.

Gathering supplies: I used E6000 to glue glass cups to candle holders.  Added rhinestones clips for eyes:

Oh how I love Eartha Kitt!

Gave kitty cat a fur tail and a diamond collar then perched her on a pedestal……


A bewitching candy dish and potion goblets……drink up?!?!


or Treat………

Have some fun this Halloween just for the heck of it!

Thanks for creeping by……………

Sweet Sensations



If you crave chocolate and want a sweet relaxing taste sensation have a Chocolate Martini.

  Chocolate lovers and tini- lovers …You know how I feel.   I have to admit I’ve enjoyed my share but my favorite is a chocolate martini.  Dark or Vanilla doesn’t matter…It’s chocolate!  I had to satisfy my cravings for sweet chocolate while relaxing this week-end.  This was indeed the prefect answer.  My simple quick recipe for a Not-so-Vanilla Chocolate Martini:  ChocolateMartinirecipe

  • 2 oz. of Vanilla Vodka.
  • 1/2 oz. White Cream de Cacao
  • 1 oz. Godiva Chocolate Liqueur (for Vanilla Martini use Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur)
  • mix ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain into martini glass
  • If you have chocolate syrup, swirl into glass before straining drink
  • garnish with cherry

So simple, Sooo sweet.  Sip and enjoy.

Martinis are sensuous sexy cocktails and I have to admit when I’m mixing martinis this is how I see myself, in my mind’s eye….



But then reality strikes…sets in reeeallly fast

Martini Cheers


but my sweet chocolate Martini taste sensation is satisfied!

Too funny.

Later as the week-end continued…I went shopping Talk about Sweet deals, I was all over the place.



My last stop was Goodwill and found a pair of candle holders for $7.00.  Heavy, solid, made in India, 10″ and 12″ tall.  Perfect to use for the outdoor bistro table.  1264sweet-dealsSince the weather was so nice on Saturday I decided to do a little faux gardening.




For this Sweet modest centerpiece:  The pitcher I’ve used many times.  Also shown in Pitcher Perfect Collection.  I filled it with a few Amaranthus stems from Michaels Crafts on sale at $2.99 each. 1272sweet-sensations-martinisunday

The white ceramic parrot is one of two that was featured in Exotic Sentiments and A Beautiful Orchid. 1275sweetsensationsmartinisunday

I went to Pier1Imports to purchase another beaded pillow in order to have a matching set.  But of course no longer available!  So off to JoAnn Fabrics. Which means I’ll have to do some sewing.



I love to sew, but this week-end I wanted to give it a rest. I found this embellished fabric. On sale at 50% off, plus a small remnant at 75% off the sale price. Not bad.  I made two lumbar pillows and have enough fabric left for 2 more.1284pillowfabric


1270sweet-sensations-deals-settingAll in all this past week-end was sweet and satisfying. untitledweekendThanks for stopping by…Enjoy your week

Sip, Shop, Sew, Create and enjoy loving your home. 🙂


Silver Dollar Centerpiece for January

Happy New Year. Hope you are enjoying the start of a new year!

After the holiday decorations are put away what do you do if you want a Winter centerpiece without it looking like Christmas?

I decided to use the tree branches I saved from Tree branch Candlestick and Another tree branch décor idea.

Hubby brought out the saw and sliced two branches for a runner for me:

       To secured it I attached a board to the bottom with wood glue, and sprayed it with polyurethane.  After spraying it I was not pleased with the coloring but I carried on.  Maybe if I keep it, I’ll go back and stain it.  I scattered glass stone to fill the gaps.

Next for the candle holders, he drilled holes for the tea-lights and cut them to a nice height.


I tried my hand at painting again… for a Birch Bark effect and for the centerpiece branch drilled holes for the silver dollar floral stems. treebranchcenterpieceAdded the finishing touches:

A Silver Dollar Birch Bark Centerpiece for January januarycenterpiece2017crystaldrop  birds tealight candle holders

During the evening with the Chandelier lights, the Silver Dollars really come to life with an iridescent pearl quality.  Silver Dollar BirchBark CenterpieceNow that I look at it, I’m not sure if this centerpiece is better suited for Spring or Winter??  C’est la Vie,  I think I’m done with the tree branches!  This was just my way of preserving the branches and the love I have for my favorite old Oak tree.   Taking what was, preserving its memory and making something new, was a fun and worthy project for me.

Check out Jo-Ann’s January sale on florals,  it’s great.  With coupons the stems cost less than a silver dollar. 🙂  (too funny)

Enjoy your week-end.  Thanks for stopping by…  signature

Silver and Gold for Christmas

I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas Holiday Season. We love this time of year for so many reasons.

Deciding on a centerpiece for the season was challenging because there are so many beautiful festive colors and themes.  Keeping it simple to last thru-out the winter months with very little editing was my goal.


A small wreath to greet you at the kitchen door



Reindeer greetings as you enter


Via Pinterest Only If I had a tree it would be....

Via Pinterest
Only If I had a tree… This it would be….


Gold and Silver Reindeer

Golden Reindeer spreading Joy



Snowflakes of Pearls and Crystals



A flocked swag with twinkling lights and silver wire trees accents the buffet with a reindeer sitting cozy and nestled away


Crystal candle holders and pillars wrapped in sparkling ribbons

Crystal candle holders and pillars wrapped in sparkling ribbons


A grouping of candle holders in mirror and gold, silver mercury glass and mother of pearl

A grouping of candle holders in mirror and gold, silver mercury glass and mother of pearl

It all makes Silver and Gold for Christmas

Flocked Floral Centerpiece accented with ornaments

Flocked Floral Centerpiece with candle accented with ornaments, crystals and pinecones.

Other small holiday touches to make the season bright:

Apothecary Jar filled with glitter spheres and snowflakes

Apothecary Jar filled with glitter spheres and snowflakes

Coffee table glitters with spheres and twinkling lights

Coffee table glitters with spheres and twinkling lights

Patio filled with twinkling snowflake lanterns

Patio filled with twinkling snowflake lanterns

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holiday Season !!!


................Merry Christmas from our home to yours..............

Merry Christmas from our home to yours


Thank you so much for following my blog these last few years.

You taking the time to visit is more appreciated than you will ever know.

  I read a quote awhile back on Pinterest and it has stuck with me.  I would like to share this quote with you.  It’s just a simple small thought to remember but it has a strong impact on our everyday lives, especially during this holiday season.

“If you only say one prayer in a day, make it Thank You”

Thankful for being able and capable to give, to share, to understand, to love.

Thanks for stopping by….Cheers!signatureChristmas centerpiece 2016





When I think of Candelabras ….Liberace comes to mind!



He was the epitome of all things flamboyant and garish.   Elegance, yes!  Drama, most definitely!  Tasteful…well some may say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  (I love it, shhh.)


  I also associate candelabras with weddings, lavish special events and some holidays.  But not any more.

Recently I  attended a private estate show.  Beautiful to say the least, but I was amazed at seeing the number of candelabras featured throughout the estate.  In practically every room. Some very ornate, some over the top, some very casually displayed but giving that finishing touch of understated elegance.  This inspired me to take out my little candelabra and start using it year round instead of just during the Christmas Holidays as shown here on our breakfast and bistro tables.   To see full post you can visit Merry Little Silver and Red Christmas 

      7769candelabraberry   candelabra2015

I went to HomeGoods for the first time and purchased this candelabra at a huge discount since it was very badly damaged in the center.    I painted over the center section in a shimmering silver and used a large rhinestone brooch from TotallyDazzled.com to cover the damaged section.

Damaged candelabra

Damaged candelabra

Here are two arrangements I created for the holidays using the center as a faux floral arrangement.

The Poinsettia Christmas Candelabra:


Supplies: 4 taper candles, 2 Wisteria stems, 2 Poinsettias flowers, leaf stems and small ball ornaments.

Orchids for Christmas Candelabra:


Supplies: Crystal beads, wire ribbon, wheat stems, orchids, seed balls, rhinestone pins from Totallydazzled.com, 1 taper candle, 4 tea-lights.


The next design I cut the stem off a chipped champagne flute and secured it to the center taper cup with wax adhesive.  Ice crystals were hot glued completely around the center ball.  This covered all the imperfections of the center ball.

Ice Crystals Christmas Candelabra:


Supplies: Ice crystal fillers, Champagne flute, Crystal glass beads, Rhinestone brooch from Totallydazzled.com, 4 taper candles.

ice candelabra

Do you love candelabras?  This has really inspired me to start using them year round.  They come in so many designs, styles and sizes.  Give one a try this season.  Consider one or more for year round decorating.  They definitely can make a  table, shelf or counter come alive.  For more ideas on decorating with candelabras check out Pinterest.  Here are a few of my favorites for everyday décor. Via Pinterest.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And a few candelabra ideas for Christmas Holiday decorating. 

Thanks for stopping by….Until next time….Take care and enjoy your week-end.


Another Tree Branch Decor Idea

Hi there, Welcome back. Hope you are doing great.

Ok, so last week I shared  a DIY on Tree branch candlesticks smallbranchcandlestickand this past week I was busy with more branches.

There were so many beautifully shaped branches ready for disposal it was hard to pick and save what few I did.  At the time I saved them I had no clue what I was going to do with them.  But, as I was marking them to cut, I took a double look at the detail of those I piled together.  Call me crazy but I thought “how beautiful is that”.  They nestled on each other as if it was meant to be.  (that’s the tree nature lover in me)

treebranchlognaturalAnd the details, the nooks and moss, knots and torn branches, Awesome.  Before moving them, I asked Hubby to tie, nail, screw, wire ..whatever was needed to hold them together so they would not lose, what I considered, this perfect form.

I saw the beauty and wanted to keep them as is, naturally.  Just as I wanted with the branches used for the candlesticks.  But I reconsidered and spray painted them to coordinate with the gold candlesticks.   img_0604

Talk about shocking gold!  A fireplace hearth would be the ideal place to display this.  Since we don’t have a fireplace… I’m not sure how to display them.  Maybe on a sofa back table.  But I know eventually the lightbulb will shine. Until then I created this little vignette called …

The Fallen Orchid0635treebranchlogs



I don’t think I’m the only person who still sees the beauty in fallen trees.  She’s a keeper….the question now is where? 🙂

Can you believe I still have more branches? (too funny)  But I’ll let my brain rest awhile to decide their fate.

Hope you enjoyed my little tree branch DIY recycle. I may have to re-do them for a Rustic Christmas Theme…hmmm??  Who knows.

Until next time…. Have an awesome week-end and thanks for stopping by.