Copy Cat Coffee Table Vignette

It’s raining and I’m missing my daughter and grands. The car is in the shop, stuck indoors, pockets empty, bored, and no inspiration.  Remembering the words of my niece pertaining to a earlier project gone wild…

“Snap out of it”  🙂

With that being said…With feet propped on my coffee table looking at the rain, 😦   a “light bulb moment”,  it was time for a coffee table-top revision.  I clicked on   searched coffee table vignettes and saw this:

What I love:

  • The bold color of the tulips in the silver vase
  • Mixed metals of silver and gold
  • Zebra print chairs in the background
  • The royal blue book covers accents

I don’t have any of these items as you see here, but with a little imagination with what I do have, maybe I can create somewhat of the same design feel.

Copy Cat Coffee Table Copy Cat Coffee Table2

Improvising with what I have turned out to be a fun afternoon.  A little pick-me-up change was needed for the coffee table…and me   So with the words of Cher in Moonstruck…as my niece quoted…

“Snap out of it” which did good for me today… to be a Copy Cat.

 Until next time….be creative and enjoy loving your home.

Thanks Sweetie! (you know who you are :-))
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