Merry Christmas 2018 “Cozy Little Touches” Decorating for Christmas

Hi there y’all.  🙂  Hope all is well. It’s that wonderful time of the year again. Yes it has been a while….a long while since my last post. But for the past year I have tried my unprofessional skills Vlogging on YouTube.  Thank You so much for your support on my YouTube channel and your continued support here on my blog. Christmas time is the … Continue reading Merry Christmas 2018 “Cozy Little Touches” Decorating for Christmas

Merry Christmas 2017

 Wishing you a safe, happy, full of laughter, hugs and kisses Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Greetings at the door A table runner recycled Welcome to the table Sleigh full of goodiesReindeer wishes Tiny tree blessings  Breakfast at the island bar Back door farewells Blessings for a festive meal to enjoy with family and friends Hugs and Kisses until we meet again…… Thanks for … Continue reading Merry Christmas 2017

Silver and Gold for Christmas 2016

I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas Holiday Season. We love this time of year for so many reasons. Deciding on a centerpiece for the season was challenging because there are so many beautiful festive colors and themes.  Keeping it simple to last thru-out the winter months with very little editing was my goal.               It all makes Silver and Gold for Christmas Other small holiday … Continue reading Silver and Gold for Christmas 2016

A Merry Little Silver and Red Christmas 2015

  This year we are celebrating Christmas in a palette of red and silver. I decided on a centerpiece and touches of holiday cheer and forgo our small Christmas tree of previous years.  Hope you enjoy the music video (at the end) by someone I considered having the voice of an angel.  May she rest in peace.  Cheers to you and yours.  A proud reindeer greets you at the dinning table  A buffet of … Continue reading A Merry Little Silver and Red Christmas 2015

Christmas Poinsettias and Palms centerpiece

Merry Christmas!!  I’d like to thank you for visiting and sharing your time visiting with me this year!  It’s been awesome. I’m so glad I’ve discovered blogging, I’m still new and learning.   I’m pretty sure this will be my last post for the year.  All the gifts have been wrapped and sent. All the decorations are in place and I’m not hanging, buying or putting out another thing!  The rest … Continue reading Christmas Poinsettias and Palms centerpiece

Christmas Quilts

I love sewing and creating quilts. Now I can quilt with pure joy because  years back I made custom quilts for clients.  It became too much stress and the joy faded so I stopped making them.  The bug resurfaced this year and I made two quilts for friends. This inspired me to pull out from storage one of the Christmas quilts  I made for myself a few years back for my breakfast table. Using Christmas traditional colors in red, … Continue reading Christmas Quilts