Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

My recipe is fun-fully simple:

Put a little snippet of this and a little remnant of that, add scraps then chop and mix with lots of fabric love.

Happy Thanksgiving Y’all


Have a Wonderful, Loveful, Thankful Holiday!


Fall Basket Décor and Collections

Hey there.  Happy Monday!

I have a few questions for you.  How many collections do you have?  Do you know how many items are in each of your collections?  Are your collections solely decorative or do they serve a function, a purpose?  Gotcha thinking?  Well I had to stop and ask myself the same questions in the midst of shopping for yet another basket.  I love baskets and have a collection of them.  Each basket serves a function on its own.  None are used for multi purposes which means the basket collection keeps growing because I seldom revisit their purpose.

I asked myself  if  I already had a basket that could be use for a Fall arrangement.  Long story short…..I did not surrender to the urge to buy, I came home empty-handed.  I went thru my home,  pulled out every basket to see what if any provisions could be made.  After getting totally frustrated trying to brainstorm which baskets I would combine and which one to select for a Fall arrangement, I gave up and called that very same store to ask the sales person to put that very same basket I was considering on hold because I was on my way to purchase it.  Now my other baskets are back where they started and will continue with their intended purpose.  Sometimes ya just gotta leave things as they are.  Too funny!  Haven’t we all been there!

The basket that caused me to question my collection and buying practice:  Kirklands Woven Crescent Basket  woven-crescent-basketFirst I must say, I love this basket.  Very easy to carry and makes a nice visual accent different from other round, drum or square-shaped baskets.  So far I have used it for many things.  This will be thee one basket to keep without a designated purpose.

I went to a few stores during their Fall sale and loaded up on items.  Joann’s, Hobby Lobby and Michaels

 img_0044falldecor img_0050burlapribbon img_0046fallflowers

Before I did the Fall arrangement which this basket was intended for, I wanted to give the cabana/patio bath a little seasonal décor.  I filled the basket with Fall color bath towels and made a small swag to tie on the side of the handle.

 0060fallbasketswag  0061fallshower

A Fall Bath Towel Basket:  Something simple but gave a neutral bathroom a pop of seasonal colors   0083fallguesttowelbasket

Now with an empty basket I continued on to do the Fall arrangement.  My inspiration came from seeing these beautifully designed basketsinspirationfallviapinterestUsing the rest of the items, foam, moss and glue gun the basket is now complete0102fallcrescentbasket   I placed it on the floor in the Morning/Sun Room0111fallcrescentbasketBut on the console table in front of the window and with my Fox throw for cozy reading sets a welcoming ambiance for Fall.   0125fallcrescentbasketGiving two of the flowers a little bling to coordinate with the burlap ribbon I used the flat back appliques purchased from TotallyDazzled.com.  I used these appliques to also create candle rings for Christmas shown here.     0103flatbackcrystalappliques

This completes my Fall Décor for this year.  By establishing what designers call “seasonal décor hot spots”

  1. The dining room centerpiece and sideboard accents shown here9972fallcenterpiece2016
  2. The breakfast table centerpiece shown here 1a-fallcenterpiecebreakfasttable32015
  3. The morning/sun room console table  0125fallcrescentbasket
  4. The front of the house.  Either a flower-pot arrangement or wreaths     0134fallplanter
  5. The Garden bed in the back yard with just a seasonal flower or two  0069fallfountain

I was able to stay on target and focus without going overboard.  It’s very easy to get overwhelmed with so many beautiful things to choose from to decorate your home.   These five areas will make it possible to add nice small touches to welcome each season and holiday without disrupting the overall décor of my home.  Do you have seasonal décor hot spots?   Many thanks go to AtHomeWithNikki  on YouTube  with tips on Seasonal Décor Organization.  

Until next time…..0131fallcrescentbasket Choose your Season, Spot your area, Decorate it and Enjoy!    🙂 Thanks for stopping by   fallfrontbackgardensignature

Fall Centerpiece

I want to share my DIY fall centerpiece made for our breakfast table, which I had much fun doing because I rummaged thru what I had. FallCenterpiece2015F

But first I needed inspiration:

Supplies I had:
Hurricane Vase
QuakeHold Museum Putty (what I keep in my DIY kit. Love this stuff)
Fall garland from Last year's centerpiece shown here
Rhinestones (Another DIY Kit keeper)
Hot glue gun for rhinestone application

GFC124 IMG_6742  14186951$_35

(Using this small glass for demo)

FC2015  FCputtyapp2015 Museum Putty does not damage surfaces. Simply remove, pull off from glass and reuse again. Sold at Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart.

 Different view of back and inside

FC6733 FC6738

Added rhinestones to the leaves and a tassel for extra sparkle

FallCenterpiece2015F2 Fallcenterpiece20152

I will change the pillar candle to a battery flameless candle for safety.


If you get a chance, keep in mind the QuakeHold Museum Putty. It’s a great product to have on hand. I’ve used it for years. When we lived in CA with earthquakes and with dogs running thru the house, this saved objects and accessories from falling and being damaged.

Happy Fall.  Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy signature

Fall Harvest Table Runner

I love table runners because they are easy to change as often as you wish giving a fresh new look to your table.  By using designer fabric remnants, which are inexpensive it allows me to change my table runners quite often.   It does not bother me that it may not coordinate with the overall décor of the home because the focus is the table for that moment.  For this runner, I wanted to use the remnants I found in the soft neutrals, creams and soft golden honey colors for Fall.

00 IMG_1045   FallHarvesttablerunner7   00C 1IMG_1307




FallHarvesttablerunner01   00B FallHarvest

00b IMG_0806  04 IMG_1011  StanCathellMagnoliaHomeFashionsJava 8.98yard  00a IMG_1086 (550x413)  03 IMG_1009  03a IMG_1000

My budget challenge: $20.00.

  1. My inspiration was this remnant upholstery fabric, which was only $5.69.  Regular price: $18.00 per yard  which has the same fern/leaf design as the pumpkin.
  2. For the contrast ends a 1/2 yard for $4.49 the fabric used called Java by Stan Cathell for Magnolia Home Fashions. Regular price $8.98 a yard.
  3. I made the pattern.  I only lined the ends. The oblong center was trimmed with 1″ of the contrast fabric
  4. Purchased 1-3/8yds of burlap fringe and  honey yellow gimp braid.  The left over burlap trim was used to make the spiral buttons and tassel  (beads already had).   With a higher budget,  I would have purchased a coordinating burlap braided cord w/lip  to outline the contrast ends.  The burlap flowers I had, and popped them on for an added touch.
  5. Tablerunner measures 76″L by 20″W.  The contrast ends are 13″L by 20″W
  6. Total price $18.19.  Left over money…French fries!  Total time to make 1hr 15min.  Mama was happy. 🙂

01 FallHarvestBuffet1

I did not want to do a buffet runner so I used a burlap ribbon I had and tied bows at the end.  🙂

True, I could have purchased a fall runner at Pier One Imports for $30.00+ but sewing and creating your own is so much more fun.  Another tip, take an inexpensive plain store purchased runner and add  beautiful fabrics and trims to the side and ends creating your own personal design.   Runners are great accents for  sideboards, buffets, credenzas, chest, over doors, wider runners can also be used as bed scarfs; anywhere there is a flat surface you can put a runner.  Create a high end designer look with a low end cost.  Until next post…….Sew, design and enjoy loving your home.   Happy Fall Y’all 🙂

00C FallHarvestcenterpiece

Check out Fabric.com for more fabric selections and Houzz.com for creative ideas.1356FHFeature


(2016 Note: In 2016 Fall Harvest Table Runner has been donated to GoodWill)