Christmas Holiday Smoothie

It’s a Beautiful Day for a Christmas Holiday Smoothie

I love smoothies.  I have them practically everyday and love to experiment with different recipes.  Although this is not an official “Christmas recipe” it can certainly be enjoyed all year.

May I introduce you to:   “My” Christmas Holiday Smoothie: 1 cup frozen strawberries

1/2 cup whole cranberries

1 large banana

1-1/2 cups orange juice

3-4  tablespoons of honey (or your desired sweetness)

Blend,  puree’.   Makes approx. 5 full cups.   I prefer not using ice in my smoothies.

Since the weather was so nice,  a little balmy with a light breeze I just had to enjoy my smoothie outdoors in my happy place.  I wanted to make it relaxing and cozy.

I first brought out the faux fur pillows then gathered a few magazines.

But the hopeless romantic whispered in my ear and… oh dear……

…create a cozy bedroom outdoors ………..

..the lamp you see…  a vintage beauty….to surround yourself with what you love is the key… 

Oh Yes, I stayed here all day without guilt nestled under the tree…….

What a Beautiful Day………….. for a Christmas Smoothie…don’t you agree?

Evening was calling……time to come indoors.  What a shame to end a day without worries or care

just when you feel as if you’re floating on air………..

Enjoy your day…….Make a Smoothie…..a Christmas Holiday Smoothie….

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Christmas Ribbons


After the gifts are wrapped, ribbons tied and presents hidden away, what do you do with all the left over gift wrappings?  For me, I don’t store wrapping paper, gift bags and all the trimmings. I usually give it away to Salvation Army, Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity. But this year I kept a little extra to do a fun, cute accent for the patio.

img_0955ribbon Tie a pretty bow around plain accent pillows  🙂  Too funny.  But how cute.img_0960wrappillowsThe pillows were made with the left over linen fabric posted in Pillows worthy of golden words.  With all the $$ spent for gifts, Holiday pillows for the patio was not going to happen.  The snowflake pillows had a previous life as a table runner. The ribbons with all the sparkle and glitter tied in bows around plain pillows certainly did the job accenting our bistro chairs for the Holidays.   img_0976patiopillowsAfternoon cocktails and candy kisses. img_0987ribbonwrapcandleA Joy painted beaded pillow topped with a poinsettia and bow…(I’m still trying my hand at painting, one day I’ll get it right) 🙂img_0991beadedjoypillowJust a few soft pillows, bows and ribbon.    img_0980ribbonpillowsA cute little idea to spruce-up plain pillows for the Christmas Holidays.

Happy Holiday Decorating!  Thanks for stopping by and “En- Joy” your week-end.



Giving Thanks – Happy ThanksGiving

We all have so much to be thankful for. Like a homeless man once told me “Everyday I open my eyes it’s a beautiful day”.  I will always remember his words.  But this post is honoring “Thanks” to a particular person whom I’ve become spiritually closer to because she has inspired me in so many ways.

On October 5, 2015 I won a contest that Kim of VivaLaVintageforyourhome was conducting.  Talk about surprised. Winner The Art is as colorful as the description is sentimental. _7555TTWReading the description reminded me when I was much younger just starting my own business in custom interior fabrication.  How scared I was to prove my abilities to strangers.  I had to overcome self-doubt and jump in.  To make a long story short, I had a successful business for many years, and now I am enjoying my retirement years.  This Art “Test the Waters” is a testament of how I felt years ago and will hold so true to my heart.  I’m so glad I tested the waters.

So Kim my dear Cheers to you! May you and your family enjoy a wonderful, tummyful, safe and Happy Thanksgiving!_7547TTWThe art was framed in a mirrored tray and displayed in a wrought iron easel.  The mirror reflects back to me so I shall never forget.  My beaded silk covered journal reflects her colorful attire. The orchid reflects just how lovely life is when you allow yourself to grow. And the sea shells reflects just how beautifully different we all are. _7546TTW_7548TTWBeadedsilkjournal7545TTW Give Thanks, Remember Goodness, Stay True and “Test the Waters”

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Happy Thanksgiving!


1-Ready, 2-Set, 3-Go for a Happy 4th!


Start your Holiday celebration with a refreshing breakfast…. in bed!6143july4peacock6144july4bnb

6150july4bnb2 SET UP

Honor the day with a Holiday centerpiece 6078July420156080July42015 6081july420156152jluy4tablecloth



 Celebrate with family and friends and end your day with a bang!   Happy4th2015

  Have a Happy and safe Holiday.   Until next time… signature

Below is a quick and easy tutorial to add trim to a round table cloth