Give up Silk Flowers?…NEVER! A Tropical Trio

Happy Mid-June…Can you believe Summer is here!

Time for a quick and easy DIY  Tropical Summer Floral Arrangement.

Silk flowers are never “Faux Pas” to me.  For natural realistic looking silks my best advice is to buy as an investment.   Spending a few dollars more on quality silk stems is well worth the extra cost.

My DIY inspiration for a small tropical arrangement came from    

Protea & Torch Ginger Accent
Artificial Flower Arrangement

Price: $79.00  This small tropical arrangement is perfect for my small sofa back table.

I gathered the tropical stems I already had: Most stems I purchase from, Hobby Lobby,  Michaels and JoAnn’s.

To keep them looking new when not in use I wrap them in cotton pillow cases then store them in plastic to keep out moisture and dust.  Once in an arrangement I dust them weekly with a feather duster.  Wipe, if needed with baby wipes. 🙂  Silk floral spray cleaner is also good to use for a quick fresh clean.

I had to improvise with what I had:

To mimic the black river rocks in the inspiration arrangement I used a small blue glass jar (once a candle) to sit inside a larger glass bowl. 🙂

I wrapped a foam cube with tropical leaves (I did not want any white foam showing).   Then with a drop of hot glue on the bottom of the jar I inserted the wrapped foam into the blue glass jar.

I inserted each stem into the foam with hot glue.  Finished it with a little moss between the stems.  Then placed the arrangement in the glass bowl.  A super fast and simple DIY.   

A Tropical Trio  

 $79.00 vs. $0.00

Minor change: I switched sides of the Red Ginger and Heliconia (aka: Lobster claw).  I also did not want to cut the stem of the Red Ginger any shorter. (ya never know, I may need to use it again for another seasonal refresh) Who would guess these flowers are more than 10 years old.  In my opinion, silk florals are not faux pas, they are forever lasting beauty.

Great things I love about quality silk florals:

  • Silk flowers actually have a polyester blend which helps keep their shape and helps them from fraying
  • Real touch silks are made of a liquid polymer soft coating. The look and feel is 100% realistic, high quality and more expensive
  • Fill a floral tube with your favorite fragrance and insert it among the leaves
  • Mix them with natural/real flowers for an added boost
  • They won’t wilt when used for hot weather outdoor events
  • No worry for allergies
  • Reusable
  • No matter what season, they are always in bloom

My other arrangements are still a delight from last year. (for the full post click on the title or picture)

Tropical Leaves and Flowers and A Beautiful Orchid


Create a beautiful arrangement for your home that will last all Summer long.

Thanks for stopping by    Enjoy your Summer

Create, and enjoy loving your home


Wok Bowl Planters

Happy Friday.  Hope all are ok.  I know some of us are not having ideal weather conditions.

Let’s think about Happy, Cheerful, Beautiful Spring Flowers

If you are looking for another planter idea to bring beautiful plants and flowers to your outdoor space try a wok bowl planter, or as some would call them…bowl planter.  Many sizes to choose from although the larger ones require more space.  If space is limited one planter will definitely give a medley of beautiful flowers.


I love that this one is footed.


Wicker footed bowl.


This wicker bowl has been with me since 2009.

It was so wobbly I hardly used it. Then in 2015 that old trusty light bulb moment came to give it stability by making legs/feet in order to get more use out of it.

To use it as a planter, first, I lined the wicker bowl with plastic.  I used potted Daisies (left in the plastic flower-pot) in the center and surrounded them with a floral wreath. Placed moss on the outer edge and a Toucan on the side. 🙂  Super simple and easy to change out the flowers.

Other creative ideas for bowl planters are to actually use old woks


 Just another planter idea for your outdoor gardenscape.

Time to pot and play with more beautiful flowers.

Enjoy your week-end.. See ya in April


Tropical Leaves and Flowers

There is no secret that I love flowers.  Especially tropical florals and tropical plants.  And I have my share of silk ones.

A few weeks back I went to Hobby Lobby to take advantage of the floral sale from 50% up to 80% off silk stems.   This gave me the opportunity to stock up, update old and create new tropical arrangements.

I did a simple arrangement for the family room coffee table with one large Bromeliad, a small Anthurium with fern leaves.  coffeetabletropicalvignettes

 The before with fresh roses was featured in the post Copy Cat Coffee Table Vignette.  I changed the container, added the silver parrot and changed the candy dish to a glass jar with cobalt blue glass stones. Tropical Florals


In the morning sun room I added another Bird of Paradise and small tropical floral stems to the vase arrangement.

2 TallVaseTropicalFlowers

 I completely changed this corner vignette.  I thought this new arrangement is less cluttered and gives more attention to the tropical arrangement.  Tropicalfloralvignettebeforeafter


This floor arrangement  I only used two floral stems.  A simple quick update.3 Tropicalfloorplant

This floor arrangement has changed many times but I love the large Bird of Paradise. TropicalFloorfloralplant


Before, on the wall entering the guest room was a tropical painting,  a few changes and now this vignette gives more of the tropical feel I wanted to create. 4 Tropicalfloorvignette


Another tropical accent is to use only large palm leaves.  I love the bold, dramatic look of this type of arrangement.  And it’s so simple. 8 LargeLeafFloorplant

After we trimmed our bird of paradise plant and split leaf palm I rescued two palm leaves before trash pick up.  I preserved both by spraying them with super high gloss glaze. Palm leavesSilly I know, but until they scream “Linda please let me go” they will stay.  I loved how the large Bird of Paradise leaf coordinates with the Tommy Bahama fabric pillow sham.   2LargeTropicalLeaves

After seeing beautiful large palm leaves in vignettes I wanted to do a video of my favorites.   It puts me in a Tropical “Don’t Worry” Caribbean “Happy” place.  🙂  Enjoy…


If tropical florals is not for you, but you want a bold tropical feel, try oversized palm leaves as an option.  If you love tropical flowers, which can be costly, try silk stems.  All you need are just a few to give you that island in the sun feel.

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Beautiful Bromeliads to Welcome Spring

Bromeliads are absolutely beautiful plants.  One of our favorite plants we buy from Lowes.  8632Aechmeabromeliad

 There are so many varieties.

  This particular one is called Aechmea Bromeliad pronounced  “eek-mee-uh”.

 8631AechmeaBromeliad  8630aechmeaBromeliad

I tried to capture the pretty tiny lavender and fuchsia flowers.  Aechmea gets its name from a Greek word meaning “spear tip”.  So placing in with the mighty lion seemed appropriate.  A bit exotic.8648AechmeaBromeliad

In one week more flowers blossomed. BWSB_8752BWS

This giant air plant, also a species of Bromeliad.  I believe it’s called  Tillandsia Air Plant  pronounced “till-and-see-uh.  We first noticed it growing on our Bottle Brush tree in May of 2015.  It’s getting so large I’m afraid the weight of it will cause it to just drop off.  I think it’s beautiful and amazes me every time I look at it.8426tillandsiaAeranthos


Because we love Bromeliads and want to keep them year round, I purchased this silk one approx. 6 years ago.  Forgot where but as you can see, it’s still holding up. One place I go on-line for silk tropical stems year round is click here for the link. _8760BWSFor a simple centerpiece the Bromeliad is all that was needed.IMG_8765SBWSGlad it’s Spring……If you get a chance check out   Great floral stems, arrangements and loads of inspiration.  WelcomeSpringEnjoy Spring.  Thanks for stopping by. signature