The Funky Zebra Print…. Floor Pouf – Fabric Leftovers

I think Zebra Print is….well, Funky.  You either love it or look the other way. Exotic Animal fabric prints will always be in my fabric collection. But the Zebra print is my favorite. Last month after finishing the outdoor table runner and a few pillows (See more of that post here) I had more Zebra print fabric left. Inspired by  Jamala over at VivaLaVintageforyourhome stated if you have left over fabric … Continue reading The Funky Zebra Print…. Floor Pouf – Fabric Leftovers

Framed Gallery Wall wtih Floral Fabric Backdrop

Hi there.  Happy Wednesday!  Hope you are having a wonderful week. The saying April showers bring May flowers is definitely true, our garden is blooming beautiful flowers to welcome May. Aren’t they beautiful? I wish they could stay this beautiful all year.  Since last Wednesday I’ve picked Gardenias and Roses,  placing them around the house.  There’s nothing like the fresh aroma of flowers.  It’s no doubt I love surrounding myself with beautiful flowers. Outside … Continue reading Framed Gallery Wall wtih Floral Fabric Backdrop

Christmas Quilts

I love sewing and creating quilts. Now I can quilt with pure joy because  years back I made custom quilts for clients.  It became too much stress and the joy faded so I stopped making them.  The bug resurfaced this year and I made two quilts for friends. This inspired me to pull out from storage one of the Christmas quilts  I made for myself a few years back for my breakfast table. Using Christmas traditional colors in red, … Continue reading Christmas Quilts