Another Tree Branch Decor Idea

Hi there, Welcome back. Hope you are doing great.

Ok, so last week I shared  a DIY on Tree branch candlesticks smallbranchcandlestickand this past week I was busy with more branches.

There were so many beautifully shaped branches ready for disposal it was hard to pick and save what few I did.  At the time I saved them I had no clue what I was going to do with them.  But, as I was marking them to cut, I took a double look at the detail of those I piled together.  Call me crazy but I thought “how beautiful is that”.  They nestled on each other as if it was meant to be.  (that’s the tree nature lover in me)

treebranchlognaturalAnd the details, the nooks and moss, knots and torn branches, Awesome.  Before moving them, I asked Hubby to tie, nail, screw, wire ..whatever was needed to hold them together so they would not lose, what I considered, this perfect form.

I saw the beauty and wanted to keep them as is, naturally.  Just as I wanted with the branches used for the candlesticks.  But I reconsidered and spray painted them to coordinate with the gold candlesticks.   img_0604

Talk about shocking gold!  A fireplace hearth would be the ideal place to display this.  Since we don’t have a fireplace… I’m not sure how to display them.  Maybe on a sofa back table.  But I know eventually the lightbulb will shine. Until then I created this little vignette called …

The Fallen Orchid0635treebranchlogs



I don’t think I’m the only person who still sees the beauty in fallen trees.  She’s a keeper….the question now is where? 🙂

Can you believe I still have more branches? (too funny)  But I’ll let my brain rest awhile to decide their fate.

Hope you enjoyed my little tree branch DIY recycle. I may have to re-do them for a Rustic Christmas Theme…hmmm??  Who knows.

Until next time…. Have an awesome week-end and thanks for stopping by.