Silver Dollar Centerpiece for January

Happy New Year. Hope you are enjoying the start of a new year!

After the holiday decorations are put away what do you do if you want a Winter centerpiece without it looking like Christmas?

I decided to use the tree branches I saved from Tree branch Candlestick and Another tree branch décor idea.

Hubby brought out the saw and sliced two branches for a runner for me:

       To secured it I attached a board to the bottom with wood glue, and sprayed it with polyurethane.  After spraying it I was not pleased with the coloring but I carried on.  Maybe if I keep it, I’ll go back and stain it.  I scattered glass stone to fill the gaps.

Next for the candle holders, he drilled holes for the tea-lights and cut them to a nice height.


I tried my hand at painting again… for a Birch Bark effect and for the centerpiece branch drilled holes for the silver dollar floral stems. treebranchcenterpieceAdded the finishing touches:

A Silver Dollar Birch Bark Centerpiece for January januarycenterpiece2017crystaldrop  birds tealight candle holders

During the evening with the Chandelier lights, the Silver Dollars really come to life with an iridescent pearl quality.  Silver Dollar BirchBark CenterpieceNow that I look at it, I’m not sure if this centerpiece is better suited for Spring or Winter??  C’est la Vie,  I think I’m done with the tree branches!  This was just my way of preserving the branches and the love I have for my favorite old Oak tree.   Taking what was, preserving its memory and making something new, was a fun and worthy project for me.

Check out Jo-Ann’s January sale on florals,  it’s great.  With coupons the stems cost less than a silver dollar. 🙂  (too funny)

Enjoy your week-end.  Thanks for stopping by…  signature


Another Tree Branch Decor Idea

Hi there, Welcome back. Hope you are doing great.

Ok, so last week I shared  a DIY on Tree branch candlesticks smallbranchcandlestickand this past week I was busy with more branches.

There were so many beautifully shaped branches ready for disposal it was hard to pick and save what few I did.  At the time I saved them I had no clue what I was going to do with them.  But, as I was marking them to cut, I took a double look at the detail of those I piled together.  Call me crazy but I thought “how beautiful is that”.  They nestled on each other as if it was meant to be.  (that’s the tree nature lover in me)

treebranchlognaturalAnd the details, the nooks and moss, knots and torn branches, Awesome.  Before moving them, I asked Hubby to tie, nail, screw, wire ..whatever was needed to hold them together so they would not lose, what I considered, this perfect form.

I saw the beauty and wanted to keep them as is, naturally.  Just as I wanted with the branches used for the candlesticks.  But I reconsidered and spray painted them to coordinate with the gold candlesticks.   img_0604

Talk about shocking gold!  A fireplace hearth would be the ideal place to display this.  Since we don’t have a fireplace… I’m not sure how to display them.  Maybe on a sofa back table.  But I know eventually the lightbulb will shine. Until then I created this little vignette called …

The Fallen Orchid0635treebranchlogs



I don’t think I’m the only person who still sees the beauty in fallen trees.  She’s a keeper….the question now is where? 🙂

Can you believe I still have more branches? (too funny)  But I’ll let my brain rest awhile to decide their fate.

Hope you enjoyed my little tree branch DIY recycle. I may have to re-do them for a Rustic Christmas Theme…hmmm??  Who knows.

Until next time…. Have an awesome week-end and thanks for stopping by.





Tree Branch Candlestick

Happy November!  For me it’s the best time of the year!

A few weeks back we had to give our big beautiful tree a major trim due to Hurricane Matthew. Tree Trim Treetrimming treetrimcleanup My heart was crushed as we were cleaning the debris.  And this was just the first cut.  But I was not going to let her go without saving a few branches smalltreebranches treebranches

Hubby asked what I was going to do with them. “Art,  my dear, Art”…I really had no clue. But needed what I saved cut into manageable sizes.

The small branches I had an idea inspired by creative DIY bloggers and YouTubers that I follow.  First I had to group them nicely and find a holder.  Easier said than done.  But I found by tapering/carving the ends they fit perfectly in the brass candlesticks I purchased at Good Will for $1.99 (Yup, sure did).  Then secured the branches with E6000. Where the glue shows at the top I ordered super tiny gold seeds as fillers.smallbranchcandlestick

paintedsmallbranchces At first, I was not going to spray paint them at all. I wanted to keep the natural feel. Thought silver since it is my preferred décor metal to go for that mixed metal look,  but decided on gold to tie in with the brass candlestick.

     The candlesticks are a heavy weight which makes it very stable.  Each stands 41″ tall.     smallbranchcandlestick smallbranchvignette treebranchvignetteImagine the creative vignettes.

I have more branches from my lovely old oak tree,  and the creative wheels are turning.  I’ll see ya next week with the rest.  Enjoy your week-end.  Go exploring and save a tree, well a branch or two! 🙂

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